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For almost every third child, the night passes at home. Although his eyes are open, he is not awake. Apparently he is not alone, talking, or possibly starting an activity, and he doesn't even remember your history the next morning.

The strangeness is caused by partial relaxation of the brain. While some are actually "asleep", other areas move the muscles, and they obey involuntarily. There is no cause for concern, there is no problem with you. However, believing that the child is good at doing so does not fall because the "moon is leading". On the contrary, since its movement is not conscious, it does not recognize the sources of danger. If we find that our young child is out of bed in such a semi-wakeful, more like-minded condition, we are clearing the terrain. Let's make sure you don't get stuck in the chair for a few moments or step on abandoned games. Close the exit door and windows. Put a small bell on the door of the nursery to hear it open. In this case, the bunk bed is not secure either. If we find a new place somewhere in the apartment, let's just put it back in the bed. It is not easy or unnecessary to wake up.


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