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Set up a large pool on a large patio; if space is small, a plastic sink will do. Make sure that the water cover does not slip, and that it is covered by a rubber mat or blanket underneath and underneath.

Throw some cork plugs and plastic surprising eggs into the water. Let's encourage the little one to pick out the "fish" with a sieve or a small handle plastic filter. Rubberize two plugs, filter a toothpick in the center, a triangle cut out of a small white bag - the sail is ready. Shake the waves to make fun of your little hair. Let's put plastic spoons and metal small spoons next to a baby in the water. You'll be amazed that one dives, the other doesn't. Set the small chair next to the paddle with different size pots. Allow you to pour water from one to the other. Add a small bottle of plastic to the watering can. Sprinkle many tiny holes on their bottoms, on their sides, it's funny how the water flows out of it when the baby is lifted full. When playing pool games, always stay by the water no matter how low.
He just grew up under his supervision
An intoxicating bracelet allows the baby to move freely in the water. You can enjoy floating beside an adult, and you can also make some false gestures involuntarily. The plastic ring version is even more practical: it does not puncture, and by removing or applying a single ring, you can adjust your maintenance power for beginners and those with some waterproofing. Autumn is loved by the more insecure: the greater part of the body protrudes from the water, there is something to hold on to. We need to buy a small, possibly lofty ring that the child cannot fall out of, and use it only where the foot is depleted. The mattress is excellent for carrying, waterproofing in shallow water. Do not push the baby into a place where the foot does not stop, because it can make you feel serviced. There are hardly any things to start with with different pet animals, they are swept away by the water, they wind up, they get pierced. This is also the fate of the beach ball, but with a rubber ball of smaller or larger size, it can be thrown on the grass and in water. Crash canoes and boats are also hit: paddling and moving on the water is less, it can be easier for them to overturn.
Kismama's peak
Numerous infusible water tablets are made of plastic that also contains substances that are harmful to health. These can be absorbed through the skin. Avoid cheap, very strong odor products - they are suspicious quality and will surely puncture welded edges, causing more disappointment. We choose branded products - they are more expensive but more durable.
They play in water jets
Take care, water in the hose can get hot in the sun! Release the first dose into a plastic container or small basin. If the water is lukewarm or cold, the game may come.
- Strain a thick tree into the ground, wrapping the sprinkler tubing. Open the faucet slightly to allow the water to drain in a small radius. Let's set up a smaller pool. A small child can fill his can, his dishes with a stream of water.
- Wrap the hose on a low-lying tree and open the tap. A real garden shower, especially if you have a sprinkler cut.
- Keep the hose in the middle of the spray so that the water falls high. Sing the Bug, Bug, Green, and encourage the little kid to run under the water jet. If you enjoy it, we can water it for a while.
Spray the nozzle with a very fine spray of water and turn in the sun to form a rainbow. We will love our baby and love the colors.
Spit in the pool
Fill some small balloons with a little water and plug in some air. Throw them in the water, funny as they are half immersed. Press down on the water to rise again. It is free to squeeze, bulges, finally bursts and confronts our seedlings. We can also throw waterballs at each other! If they are not tense, they will not explode at all, the greater the surprise and laughter when they kill someone.
Give your baby different plastic and plastic dishes, plates, glasses, spoons, spoons, trays, bottles. It relishes the water from one to the other without noticing their different contents. Let's just say to him, it's overflowing, overflowing, little, not full, but let's not teach him anything, let's get some experience.