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Examination of childhood epilepsy

Examination of childhood epilepsy

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In case of suspected epilepsy, the family doctor refers the patient to a special pediatric epilepsy outpatient clinic. Hospitalization for epilepsy is rarely needed today.

THE special epilepsy orders they can provide more to patients than nerve departments that do not specialize in this disease. Home-made epilepsy has gone bad unless they have a life-threatening condition, and they do not require a hospital examination. It is important to note that patients who are being cared for continuously do not suffer from acute complaints of epilepsy, even in the ward or ward. kerьljenek the terьletileg illetйkes neurolуgiai osztбlyra but lehetхleg gondozуorvos to continue the kezelйst started, szьksйg esetйn tovбbbi vizsgбlatokat vйgezzen.Az epilepsy diagnуzis felбllнtбsa the anamnйzis the kуrelхzmйnyek kezdхdik rйszletes felvйtelйvel. Apart from the general inquiries, we place emphasis on the exact description of the ill. Many times we do not stop the relative from telling the symptoms, we often play with them, let them down with the parents, and even ask for small details. It's very important that we get accurate information from the witness, how the sick started, what was the first symptom, how your symptoms followed each other. During the feeling of sickness, the child reacts to external stimuli (eg, caress, caress, etc.).
These data are indispensable for accurately clearing the form of epilepsy, determining the onset and spread of seizures. Only with these knowledge is it possible to decide what kind of treatment is needed in the future.

The suspicion of epilepsy should be investigated as soon as possible

If, based on your medical history and clinical symptoms, we suspect that you are suffering from epilepsy, we will try to prove our presumption. Often this is not such a simple task. First stop routine EEG examination tцrtйnik. Many people think that this one examination can make a definite diagnosis. This is not so!
As is known, in the early stages of childhood epilepsy, the first EEG test showed no difference. It is also translated, EEG abnormalities characteristic of epilepsy can also be seen when examining healthy children. They believe that accurate seizure description and anamnesis are so important. It is very important that the EEG change is consistent with the clinical symptoms, because a correct diagnosis can only be unambiguously reversed. There are few known forms of epilepsy in which, despite the presence of epilepsy, we did not see any component of the EEG. In these cases, we rely primarily on accurate medical history.If we suspect that epilepsy is not confirmed by the first EEG, or that the form of epilepsy is unequivocal, it remains. you are provocative long term EEG (in this case, the interview is done in Uruguay). This is all the more necessary when a child's complaints are not unequivocally of epileptic origin. It can help a lot if EEG registration occurs during the symptoms. Certain epilepsy forms exhibit characteristic EEG abnormalities during sleep.
With the help of our 24-well EEG cassette, we can perform spontaneous sleep tests. With this walkman-sized, small, magnificent magnet, you can observe your child's normal home environment. Wearing a small cloth or cap can obscure the electrodes, making it less distracting for the child to play and jump at home while the examination is almost imperceptible.
In the case of a parent or an older child, the patient himself or herself records in a diary what he or she did, if any, and the exact time of the complaint. Driving licenses are also often required 24 ounces for EEG monitoring. It is a disadvantage that it is expensive and requires a very high level of specialized knowledge and therefore only a few places in the country. We are even more proud of him. Our outpatient clinic operates a sleep laboratory where examinations are performed with the help of state-of-the-art, 24-channel, numerical EEGs. Different sleep exams are needed if the above examinations are not always clear on the form of epilepsy when the symptoms occur during sleep. In some cases, it is also indispensable before drug withdrawal. We perform sleep tests at different times of the day depending on the type of the sick, the child's age and lifestyle. As is well known, sleep deprivation epilepsy can provoke EEG discontinuation.
We take advantage of this by waking the child up at dawn (depending on age), and not allowing him to sleep until the exam. With this method, we succeed in getting older children to fall asleep. Of course, they can bring their favorite toys to the exam at home, and they can hold their parents' hands.
It is often a problem, especially in infancy, that different kinds of grimaces, movements, etc. are epileptic in origin. The numerical video-EEG assistance provides an answer to this request. The patient's video recording and EEG examination are simultaneously performed during the examination. THE rohamregisztrбlбs with the help of we can differentiate the epileptic malignancies from the non-epileptic origin as well as the exact origin and spread of the malignant ones. They also carry out pre-epileptic examinations.
A problem that often arises is whether a child with epilepsy can watch television or use a computer. We can answer this request as well. Our numeric EEG generator has a so-called pattern stimulus program that helps stimulate the child with different light effects while registering the EEG. We can advise you on the conditions under which you can use your computer and watch TV in accordance with any changes.
Based on the differences found during the examination, we provide our patients with different advice, and it is rarely possible to try to prevent someone from using these products. Of course, we also prefer to use the program above for different application selection problems.
With two types of preparation and different types of EEG examinations, accurate diagnosis, possible medication needs, and long-term care at home are all required.
There are often different ways to make an accurate diagnosis of epilepsy I made exams (MR, SPECT, PET etc.). Our ambulance has a very good relationship with these departments, so we can quickly and easily arrange the examinations that are required.
We Bьszkйk rб to sikerьlt the osztбlyunkon mыkцdх CHILD-EPI-HELP Alapнtvбny segнtsйgйvel lйtrehoznunk the orszбg one legkorszerыbb, epilepsziбs children ambulбns kivizsgбlбsбt szolgбlу EEG laboratуriumбt, vбlt valуra which segнtsйgйvel that epilepsziбs children kivizsgбlбsa, kezelйse, gondozбsa today you have already just kivйteles case she wants to curate her bed.
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