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Dad fzz Recipes for beginners

Dad fzz Recipes for beginners

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Well, hey, not always and not everything, but the moment comes when we drop the wooden spoon. And the result speaks for itself!

We will have a baby. The world is changing, the little routines of everyday life are changing. Women are now lighter because they are helped by biology. Our bodies are transforming, the pants just don't go up, they want cool things for breakfast. But they also change spiritually, they sense every minute that someone is coming. But men need tools for tuning. Empathy, attention and humor can help you change. And Jin, who I'll tell you how.
Let's just say one thing: romantic movies are charming, attentive, and in the kitchen they don't look like the mainstream. Fantasy was born. A role. Every male is basically a big cat who snoozes in the shade of a tree and has only a slightly open eye. He does work, courtesy, shopping, feeds, sports, but in fact, there's this dull slumber. You need to know that!
Now what do we do if we are pregnant, have a baby and we want to prepare for the role of tomorrow's father, to surprise our dear ones and to get positive feedback very quickly?

Let's try to please our dear!


Choosing the right destination is essential. If we choose food that we often cook, or the main catch of our favorite food, we are inexplicably behind the comparison. Let's be brave, even bold, and let's make it seem confident with a nice slack.
After the kitchen operations let's get organized, and just like Steinmann in the kitchen, we can smile at our good-looking couple as well as in the soft-eyed eyes. But make sure to point out, with gestures and excitement, that this is not about everyday performance, but a nice production, dad fzz:

Breakfast - Milk Whiskey

Цsszetevхk: 7.5 deci milk, two eggs, vanilla sugar, 15 deca sugar, 5 deca butter, 7.5 deca millet and a rye silicone mold.
The milk must be put on the fire with the sugar. When cooked, mix the groats and beaten eggs. After drying, they are molded and allowed to rest for 10 minutes. Fill it with red jam.
The danger for beginners:
- milk may leak out,
- the shots are hot,
- if you have a cat, you might be interested in the process.

Ebid - California Tube

Цsszetevхk: a box of instant rice, 60 deca minced meat, big pepper soup, an egg, olive oil, sou, spices
Let's add a liter of water to the rice and put some vegetarian in the hot water from the beans. Place the minced meat in a large pan and place in a Mediterranean motion one to two tablespoons of olive oil, some salt, red pepper, ground pepper, raw egg, and 4-5 centimeters of must. Our work in this phase is activating, but we are brave enough to move on.
Let's smudge everything in the over. Then cut the peppers so that two cubic centimeters thick rings are formed after cutting the cob and the roof. Put the paprika rings on the baking sheet on the baking sheet. Stir the cooked rice into the pulp and fill the paprika rings. Bake for 20 minutes.
Add fresh baguettes to breastfeed with breastfeed.
The danger for beginners:
- pritamin peppers can be shocking,
- the flesh of the minced meat may wander through the mind.

Dinner - Хrbottyáni flat

Цsszetevхk: a myrrhite puff pastry, 15 deca gépsonka, myrrhic corn, herbs, spices, butter. For the fall, 2 deci milk, 15 deca cheese.
After thawing, the frozen puff pastry is released and filled with everything we would do on a pizza. Put the ham, the greens, the oregano, the little butter and roll it up. Shake for 15 minutes. In the meantime, we make cheese sauce: we filter cheese cubes into warm milk and boil them together.
You have to mix it, it won't be homogeneous.
The danger for beginners:
- the myrrh is cold,
- butter and cheese are similar in color.
(Our photo is taken by the author as he recovers his head on another recipe)