We are the lightest in the fall

We are the lightest in the fall

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Because they are getting thinner, we won't be getting this time. We show how much weight gain we can count on during the holidays and, in the average, how much time we give the extra kilos.

We are the lightest in the fall

According to material published in the New England Journal of Medicine, the average person at the end of the summer, active season and bathing season is the most thin, after all, apparently - with the holidays approaching - significant weight gain Next, weight gain tends to peak in the midst of Christmas and New Year's Eve, and then it takes an average of half a year to dispose of the extra kilos. Of course, people in the Americas are starting to roll around in the post-mortem period, and at least wait until after Easterfor the rabbits to equalize for the remainder of the year. "All indications are that the majority of Americans these days are the most lean of the year, and from now on, they have begun to gain a lot of weight" Brian Wansink, head of the Cornell Food and Brand Lab. A 1781 US survey showed that there would be 0.4 percent weight gain in Christmas stock. It takes about a month to release these kilos, and most of the weight is stabilized between May and November, and then the cycle starts again. .


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