Plastic material was found by a mother in the baby room - Fotу

Plastic material was found by a mother in the baby room - Fotу

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"I found pieces of plastic or cellulose in the Ovko apple puppy meal (at 5 months old)," a mother turned to us on Facebook. It also included pictures of small pieces and not at all fascinated by pieces.

Naturally, this was also the problem with Nibihn. "I don't want anyone else to come in like this," said the aggressive mother. The product was officially recalled, according to a notice on the National Food Safety Authority's website problem product details:
  • Name of product: Sugar with apple apples pear without apple, 5 months old
  • Packaging: glass, 190 g
  • Quality of preservation time, ID: 07.12.2020. L: 2Z
If you have any of these Ovko products at home, you will never give them to the baby, take them back to the place of purchase.The Unwanted Piece We thank the mother for drawing the pictures and for drawing attention to the dangers of the product.A piece of plastic was found by a mother in the ward - Photo: visiting


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