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7 Things That Will Miss You When Breastfeeding Is Finished

7 Things That Will Miss You When Breastfeeding Is Finished

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There is still much debate over breastfeeding. Everyone thinks about when, where, and for how long a mother is breastfeeding. It is as if breastfeeding is just about eating, but it also has a role, which is also very important.

If breastfeeding comes to an end, do not neglect the proximity

Breastfeeding along with nutrition is a wonderful, unmatched rope between mother and child. Nobody belongs to anyone but two of them - Romper says. Most women are familiar with the concepts of canal obstruction, breast inflammation, and poor breastfeeding techniques. Breastfeeding is often struggling, but it is worth it because you know you are giving your baby the most. Then an acquaintance comes and nails you: How long will you breastfeed? Even though it's best to head to your head that there is nothing close to you, there is no specific date, since you have not worked so hard to just stop. When you are both ready for it. Not sure when, but it will come. And maybe that's why breastfeeding is so beautiful that you know it's going to end once you take advantage of all the intimate moments when you and your baby are so close together, if you are you will realize how much sweet memories you have. What is it that will fail me when breastfeeding is over?

1. Initial Enthusiasm

Newborn motherfucker in our lives first breastfeeding awesome, because we make our sensitive nipple a tiny little girl and let her do whatever she wants. Didn't your baby bite your nipple like a hungry piranha?

2. Funny, acrobatic poses

As the baby grows, so do they become more mobile. And this is how you want to finish your meal as quickly as you have a lot to do. Yoga and pilates gurus can envy the incredible poses that babies wear when they are out for a quick meal.

3. As they looked at each other

During breastfeeding, you completely eliminate the noise of the world and focus only on your baby. You can't miss the last moment your baby looks awfully while breastfeeding, then closes his eyes and falls silent.

4. The Grimace of the Jew

Does your baby make a sweet little murmur sound during or after breastfeeding? There is no sweeter voice in the world, happiness and satisfaction in it. Your breasts are the best of friends, no fuss.

5. The hands

It doesn't matter if your baby is newborn and your tiny little hands need to be squeezed or just a few months old and your palms rested on your chest while breastfeeding to feel your heart. But you might already be an active little kid who plays with your hair while breastfeeding and dirty your nose. No matter, the sweetness, touch, and play of his sweet hands remain in his body.

6. Observing your face

During breastfeeding, you will be able to observe every inch of your baby's face and body. You created this wonderful little creature, it is natural to smell the delicate scent and to caress the sweet little face of your favorite pastime. She is closest to you during breastfeeding, at this time you can see the smallest details too.

7. The total is united

When it comes to separating you will miss many things. Her little head sank in your arms when you fell asleep while breastfeeding or the tiny smile that reassures her that she filled her tummy. But what will fail me best is a the heart you feel at this time. That everything is fine in the world.What is breastfeeding? Not just nutrition, but warmth, peace, mutual trust, happiness. Unconditional love.Related articles on breastfeeding:


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