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Let's read about facial expression!

Let's read about facial expression!

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Even the sweetest toddlers sometimes find it difficult to translate their thoughts into words. Sometimes it is very contradictory in its senses, as its capabilities and feats are not always proportional to one another.

There may be clear signs of deh
  • If цrьl, facial features smoothen, flabby, so toned. A smile expresses confidence, openness. It can be observed in the first few months.
  • If fйl, muscles are tight throughout the body, skin temperature is diminished, cold sweat drops can cause the body to burn. His eyes are wide open, and then try to make herself smaller. Particularly common in boys is their attempt to embellish their fears, so that only the clenched claws, the bottom corners of their lips, are the size of the drool on the inside. Sudden noises, suddenly jumping dogs cause severe physical symptoms in their second lifetime.
  • Dьh the skin becomes red, the body sweats, it has increased mobility, and it feels like a breathing rush, it may suffocate.
  • THE bбnat the strongest and most difficult to bear, very rarely experienced in young children, but only in exceptional situations, such as the lengthy hospital care you need without your parents. The little one is lying or lying, his gaze disappearing. He does not like to play, his interest in sticks, he turns away from the adult to the whole body. If you behave like this, you absolutely need help!
  • Let's see if your child recognizes the simplest gestures, basic facial expressions, from drawing or drawing! This is not as easy a job as we might think… In fact, it's much easier.
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