Looking for a special school? Segнtьnk!

Looking for a special school? Segнtьnk!

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Do you remember your way of school? Do you want your child to love? Where do they pay more attention? What's right for you? We help you grow.

Gyermekkцzpontъ. This is what every special (and non-special) kindergarten tells itself. But what should it be? In the following setup, we will cool this pink rose and tell you what it is.The baby was made by Huffmann Szilvi's baby with a Waldorf doll

Waldorf - New Year's Eve

"A very crazy, skinny-haired, hairless, vegetarian mother drives her four children over the institution, singing her songs ..." This is largely what the average person thinks of a Waldorf school student. And the fact that everyone there is doing what they want is a complete headache. We want to dispel this belief.
It is true that most of the parents are looking for Waldorf for his children who it captures natural materials and procedures in close proximity, appreciates handmade items, and does not want to identify with the mass culture, and does not want to set "fast, more, new" hair. But she does it in mini skirts, with dyed hair, and even makeup.
It is also not true that the headache is complete, since the "work" takes place every day within certain limits, and certain topics are organized on a yearly, monthly, weekly basis, which are organized during the holidays. The Waldorf institutions are founded by parents, and are constantly involved in the work of the ovi, school, even after their work.
There are mixed groups in the ovik, the whole situation is like a big family life. It is not uncommon for an uv and a uv to work together. In addition to the fairy tales, the craftsman and the free games, the children and the children will cook the fire and take care of the garden. Adults serve as role models for children, engage in certain activities that are not required to participate, but most children are happy to join themselves.
The basis of parenting is that children respect human dignity in the same way as adults. Children take into account their unique rhythm and do not want to change it. One of the keywords is patience. We are not surprised to see the low school age limit for adolescence at the Waldorf-ovi, with smaller children being invited into play groups with their parents.
And yet another parable. Many people think that Christian children come to Waldorf schools. In fact, education is not based on religious grounds. The connection is only to work on legends of Christian cultural circles, and to celebrate this, children's lives are organized.
You can read more about the Waldorf method here.The sand table is one of our favorite developer games

From step to step - the opportunity is there for everyone!

Crippled or Disadvantaged Children with Special Needs it provides equal opportunities with all, teaches acceptance, empathy, and respect for all ovis. One of the special features of the educational program is that it treats cultural diversity in a valuable way, educates children on tolerance, takes into account individual differences, seeks to identify the strengths and drawbacks of children, and provides them with optimization.
In the ovi different, well-determined activity centers children, such as the role center, the literary center, the sand table, the learning center, the art center, the table of rules and, of course, the nature of nature. The children themselves choose between the possibilities, the ounces offer or initiate the play.
The kids help make the group room have signs, cards that show the location of tools, objects, so it's easier to tidy up, tidying up. The use of cards also facilitates the skills of reading, reading, and counting. One of the main goals of the program is the involvement of parents: parents can be present in the ovis every day, in cooperation with the urns, they can help the small development, and the students learned here can be introduced into the family life.
The parent can be a mere observer, participate in the care of the children, and participate in the guidance of a developer. The same applies to excursions, leisure programs and activities. You can also find mixed and age groups in Kindergarten schools.
You can read more about the step by step method here.

Montessori - help me do it alone!

Montessori Toys - While They Look Simple - Engage Kids' Fantasies

Maria Montessori He thought that if children were to be missed with interesting and attention-grabbing objects, they would develop themselves. The rooms are equipped with open shelves, well within easy reach. Every child has their own carpet to play with. Hearing, tactile, visual, and olfactory games are always available for the little ones. The educator only interferes with the play if the child makes a mistake (for example, put the wooden tower wrong).
There is no reward or penalty in Montessori School: first, the child is guided by the success and failure of the activity. In the original Montessori kindergarten, reading and reading began with the introduction of large letters and numbers made at the age of four, made of wood. They put a lot of weight on aesthetics, it is important that everything is right in the children's environment.
The main activity is free play, but they also carry out activities of daily life (taking care of plants, tidying up, creating, etc.). Every day they spend at least one hour outdoors. Organized singing and physical education are held once a week.
Montessori kindergartens and traditional Montessori groups operate in Hungary. In the groups, different age children are mixed.
You can read more about the Montessori method here.
What the children find makes it a useful item

Freinet Method - Do it!

Celestin Freinet he was a practical man. He did not philosophize much, he simply realized that children from a very young age would eventually want to create, work, and educate on everything that comes to their minds. The kindergarten space therefore has many functions.
It can be a workshop with real toolswith books, shelves, games, and there is also a bumpy place to get lost in, dip in, and in the morning you can hold an engaging chatbot that can raise anything that interests children, but it does develop here that are more seriously dealt with that day. The plans are drawn in a drawing format.
Children can make business, and everyone confirms this with their own printing press instead of signing it. They often work on projects: working on a site or area from multiple sides of the field. The essence is the expressionsuch as objects, creation, music, movement.
They pay great attention to getting to know nature and getting the kids to know the world. They spend a great deal of time outdoors, and the fruits, pieces of wood, leaves, and snails that are collected there turn into exciting workshops. Many times, the educator deliberately directs the events so that the children can communicate their goals only in concert.
You can find out more about the Freinet method here.
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