Deathless woman gives birth to a unique medical achievement in Debrecen

Deathless woman gives birth to a unique medical achievement in Debrecen

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Otthonбban you have already grows the baby, who was 27 th 2013 fogantatбsбnak hetйben treated kуrhбzban agyhalottkйnt hбrom hуnapig йdesanyja mйhйbхl csбszбrmetszйssel segнtettek napvilбgra nyarбn.

The szьlйs utбn 31 йves woman йletfunkciуit keresztьl fenntartottбk mйg kйt days: during this kivettйk csalбdja egyetйrtйsйvel 5 szervйt, йs them kaptбk vбrу szervбtьltetйsre patients. The vilбgon pйlda nйlkьl the University of Debrecen Medical йs Egйszsйgtudomбnyi Centrumбban zajlott.Otthon was бllу human drбma йs medical bravъrsorozat poorly received agyvйrzйst йs eszmйletйt lost a 31-йves nх. Such бllapotban elsхkйnt vittйk legkцzelebbi kуrhбzba a young woman who vбrt children: her fetus was 15 weeks old. From there, it was transported by an emergency helicopter to the Neurosurgery Clinic of the University of Debrecen Medical and Health Center (DE OEC). You were in a life-threatening condition then. All this happened in April 2013.
The woman was immediately shot. Agykamrбjбba placed csцvet to the csцkkentsйk nyomбst йs leengedjйk the vйrt. The operation was successful, and the brain stopped working. He did not regain his mind. It was brain dead, but szнvmыkцdйsйt fenntartottбk, mestersйgesen lйlegeztettйk, szervfunkciуit tбmogattбk. But not only did the fetus die, but it was moving, as the ultrasound showed.

Dad wanted the baby

The kerьlt vбratlanul drбmai position йlettбrs-father, her doctors also szьlei йs rendkнvьli dцntйs elй kerьltek. What can they do and do? Hagyjбk to die in the 15-week fetus, or the prуbбljбk almost impossible? Because it is almost impossible to maintain the functioning of the brain-dead mother's body, and in the meantime to raise the fetus in the womb until the baby can be born.
Doctors knew that there were some such cases in the world, but the fetuses that were born from a brain-dead mother were almost invariably older in pregnancy. The fetus tъlйlйse tehбt korбntsem was sure of was not named egyбltalбn garantбlhatу to be egйszsйges if napvilбgot lбt. In spite of all this, the relatives and the doctors have decided jointly that they will struggle with deliberately planned and highly anticipated childhood. While the mother wept, we chose life.

Professional Challenge and Collaboration

The spiritual megprуbбltatбs йs the medical professional kihнvбs was уriбsi: A woman was pronounced dead tekinthetх szervtбmogatу kezelйse, fetus vйdelme йs kйsхbbi vilбgra jцvetele йrdekйben. Therefore, an unprecedented interdisciplinary collaboration has been established between the departments and doctors of the Medical and Health Sciences Center of the University of Debrecen. Prof. Dr. Fьlesdi Bйla, the MHSC elnцke the Aneszteziolуgiai йs Intenzнv Terбpiбs Tanszйk vezetхje, Associate Professor Dr. Csilla Molnбr, aneszteziolуgus-intenzнv terбpiбs doctor, the Idegsebйszeti Intenzнv osztбly vezetхje йs Kovбcs Tamбs Dr. Sylvester Associate Professor, szьlйsz-nхgyуgyбsz, clinical geneticist irбnyнtбsбval йjjel complex medical team worked day and the fact that the mother keringйsйt, lйgzйsйt, hormonбlis egyensъlyбt, megfelelх tбplбlбsбt йs biztosнtsбk йletesйlyeit the fetus. The team included Prof. Dr. Endre Nagy, an endocrinologist, and Dr. Piroska Orosi, an associate professor of hospitals.
The fight was successful. Megszбmlбlhatatlanul lekьzdve many medical problйmбt eredmйnyesen neveltйk nх mйhйben the brain-dead fetus. As soon as we knew the gender, the 20th week of pregnancy - a reassurance to intensive care workers - was named after her family. But the baby's name was barely there when her mother's condition got worse: although they had overcome many infections, she had bloodstream sepsis. But the woman and her doctors have won over the infection.

Week 27 was born

The fetus ekkortуl szуlнtottбk the nхvйrek nevйn, beszйltek hozzб. The csalбd regularly lбtogatta хket the father of йs nagymamбk simogattбk hasбt the mother, the child beszйltek. The kуrteremben he was constantly turned into a rбdiу that the fetus still hear human szуt йs zenйt.
The csбszбrmetszйs optimбlis idejйt tцbb szakmбt бtfogу egyeztetйs sorбn hatбroztбk it. In addition to the planned beavatkozбs idejйnek meghatбrozбsa rцgzнtettйk the szьksйges teendхk forgatуkцnyvйt elхre exactly to the minute. Words can not mondhatу was the moment when the child terhessйg hetйben 27 th, 2013 jъliusбban, brain-dead йdesanyja kezelйsйnek 90 th napjбn csбszбrmetszйs sorбn kiemeltйk - йs felsнrt! Korбnak megfelelхen advanced egйszsйges koraszьlцtt jцtt vilбgra - 1420 grams. The kцnnyes mыtхben faces egymбst цlelх doctors, folyosуn vбrakozу is the father of йs nagymamбk. Хk pillanthattбk it your first time to the child when the бtvittйk koraszьlцtt-osztбlyra.
Following the surgery, doctors and family members decided jointly to help others with the dead mother's organs. Her medical kezelйsйnek 92 napjбn ezйrt цt йp body eltбvolнtottak testйbхl, йs бtьltetйsre felajбnlottбk. The mбjбt the kйt vesйjйt the hasnyбlmirigyйt йs the szнvйt. Two of his organs were given to the same patient, saving the lives of so many people after his death.
The high szintы koraszьlцtt ellбtбsnak kцszцnhetхen 37 terhessйgi hйten the babбt egйszsйgesen hazaengedtйk klinikбrуl in Debrecen. The child is healthy, well developed. She returned home in autumn 2013.