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The owls are so small that the authorities have to cheat

The owls are so small that the authorities have to cheat

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Not only in small settlements, but also in the capital and agglomeration, there is less and less qualified vocational education. And the institutions need to be tricky.

According to the Nepsha article, almost all kindergartens are maladaptive. There are 728 vacancies in the country, only 133 in the Pest County are missing from the system.The owls are so small that the authorities have to cheat According to educators, because of the government's loud messages on family policy, groups are not allowed to be merged, where . The Democratic Teachers' Union of Teachers (PDSZ) has requested a legal statement from a law office dealing with labor law requests that 50 percent of the recruits should be replaced by new employees. Many of the ounces interviewed on the page reported having worked alone in a group, preparing and retaining jobs throughout the year, along with multiplied administration by the introduction of the curriculum. The paper recalls that the government says everything is fine in the schools, Rétvбri Bence, the Secretary of State for the Humanities for an Interpellation of Representatives last year chose what we do not believe in the closure of the school, but in the opening of the school!
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