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Birth Plan - Planned Birth?

Birth Plan - Planned Birth?

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Every tenth woman in Hungary has a birth plan when she is expecting a baby. It is becoming more and more accepted that the mother also wants to become involved in her birth conditions if everything goes well.

You need to talk to your parent

Black Emke

Beige Emkeke has sent a lot of births. You know that for every mother, parenting is something different, everyone desires another in these urns, days.
She says that the parenting plan is a list of ideas in which the mother formulates her wishes about what it is like to have a baby, a baby, or a baby. This plan has to be given to and discussed with the baby girl. By agreement, it becomes clear what the host doctor considers feasible, what is customary in the institution, something the doctor will not allow, and whether the parent can accept the situation. In this case, the mother tells her whether she is in the right place or whether she should look for another hospital.

Every mother can make a plan for her birth

- Because it is better to find out at this point that the mother who has been pregnant before is still humanly neglected, there is always time to switch to a doctor. It is better to be clear than when you are in trouble, when there is nothing to do and you have to adapt at all times, ”added Emke Békés.
Any mother can make a birth plan, regardless of which institution she is born in, without the need for permission. Different patterns can be found on the Internet, and in fact, there are guides that recommend the individual to make their own birth plan.
At the outset, it is worth noting what your midwife thinks important about your general health, your pregnancy status, your mental condition, or whether you are afraid of something. Then you have to decide who you want to see beside you during your pregnancy or birth, whether your husband is there, whether he is leaning (a woman's helper), or if your mother or girlfriend is helping.

Mother's Rights

You have to find out if you have desires like listening to music, blinking, bathing, avoiding shaving and rubbing, and wanting pain relief.
And though it seems natural and self-explanatory, but the expert advises the mother to be aware of it: the person designated for this purpose, usually inform the man, ask him.
Because of the peculiar Hungarian circumstances, the mother did not want her mother to be included in the birth plan, so that only her own doctor could be examined, and there might not be any medical or other medical staff present. "No joke, it was an example that the nurse had just washed up in the exam when the doctor saw how much the lump had gone," Emke said.
You can ask for a blockade, but you need to ask your doctor about how routine a sectional surgery is and what techniques to try to avoid it. You can reassure yourself in the birth plan that you do not want to be medically and mechanically rushed.
Also, avoid giving birth to a baby after birth and waiting for a baby to be born.
You can also tell whether you want your baby to stay with her in case of complications, or with a cesarean section, and want to breast-feed as soon as possible.

The "golden eagle"

With the help of a baby, they can have mothers' ideas, almost everyone asks for the baby to be put on the mother's belly immediately, while the pulmonary end of the cord remains. You have to ask her to leave: The newborn will find her breast and start sucking.
In several institutions, it is possible for the baby not to be bathed and bathed after birth, but to be allowed to breastfeed. The baby's fetus also speaks to the baby's skin and carefully picks off the excess. In many cases, it is possible that the baby is not taken, but that the pediatrician goes to the birth room and performs examinations in the presence of the mother or father.
The first hour of your baby's birth is the so-called "golden hour", which means a lot to the baby as well as to his or her mother, as they spend the last 9 months together, needing to be born, born after childbirth.
It is common practice for a mother to include in her birth plan if she wants breastfeeding or room-in placement.

This is very important to me because…

Unfortunately, the plan does not fit very well with your parenting mood, it is not really a plan at all, but rather a summary, and of course it can be lost if you want life differently.
According to Emék Békés, the preparation of a birth plan has helped a lot in strengthening the relationship between the physician and the pregnant woman, since the physician considers her mother to be a partner rather than a patient. In addition, she becomes aware of her mother's senses, and she realizes that for a young woman, something very important to her, as a doctor, is not an essential part of her birth.
If there is a strong relationship of trust between two people, they will try to fulfill their parents' desires. And, of course, it is often the case that the mother changes her birth plan in the voivodeship because she feels right in that frantic state of mind. This is not a list to go through, check out items, explained the dhola.
Even today, a dozen or so women have a prepared birth plan, despite the fact that many people in the hospital smiled when they encountered one. There are those who think of such things as a miraculous, macabre woman. However, it is not new to doctors that women are becoming more aware, have a vision of birth, want to be actively involved in one of the most important events of their lives - of course, within the bounds of simplicity.
You can read a sketch of the plan in Szeged below: