Can a child only brush his teeth from the age of one?

Can a child only brush his teeth from the age of one?

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You have to master the right technique of brushing your child as early as childhood. But when is it going to happen, and when can we completely trust this line of action?

Teach him the right technique

"If you can bind your shoes on your own, you are big enough to brush your teeth alone" - there are parents who are infusing this time to leave their babies alone when brushing their teeth. The exact age of talent is not necessarily determined, but rather it is judged to be fairness. I found that 5-year-olds have cleaned their teeth with 25 cleaned teeth only, 11-year-olds 50 percent, while 18-22-year-olds 67 percent. As you can see from this result, as we age, we are taking a closer look at our teeth. But what if we teach our younger children how to brush their teeth thoroughly? Recently, a team of researchers has been testing a new technology that is designed to help the little ones learn about dental care. THE Playful Toothbrush After 5 consecutive days, educators have been cleaning their teeth much more efficiently than before.And to return to the starting point of our article: according to, there is no one true answer to when an individual can wash. In any case, most professional books agree that 3-6 year olds still do not have all the basic skills to brush their teeth properly. THE "mage" age somewhere between 6 and 9. Of course, you have to know that every child has another one who can be entrusted with such a task at an early age, and there are others who are better off waiting.Related articles in tooth brushing:
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