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International donations have begun for the other annual Sentry

International donations have begun for the other annual Sentry

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As much as a third of the total has come to treat Zente, who is suffering from another year of muscle wasting. SMA is a very rare disease, and the treatment that gives hope is very expensive and costs 700 million forints.

International donation started for Zentee (photo: Facebook) The baby boy is suffering from Spinal Cord Dystrophy (SMA), which is a very rare disease that can be fatal without treatment. With two treatments, you can effectively cure the disease, both of which are very expensive. This is a new therapy that would probably be effective for your baby. Forint, pound and euro have been donated to the family already, so far the sum has been around. harmadбt sikerьlt цsszehozni adakozбsbуl - use the Index.Zentйrхl йs of the film betegsйgйrхl kйszьlt: Many ajбnlottбk szolgбltatбsuk bevйtelйt the kisfiъ gyуgyнtбsбra, we read mыkцrmцstхl Facebook, cukrбsztуl valу felajбnlбst, but also cosmetics pйldбul orszбgosan tцbb dog цsszefogott to bevйtelьket ajбnljбk up Zentйnek. The larger avalanche was initiated by Zoltán Mága's violinist. In addition to giving $ 1 million to the baby boy, he posted a message on his Facebook page to encourage donated Hungarians to donate: "Attention, 100 richest Hungarians and mayors have been nominated! and the life of the Sentinel-born baby boy of Zente!
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