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Marcsi's diary: Kispapa 6. - My son is born!

Marcsi's diary: Kispapa 6. - My son is born!

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Last month it was revealed that our third child will be a son! Now, we're going to have a lot of new tasks, especially for me, who suddenly want to go to the game, make a splash, plaster, train fright, and Formula 1, at least ...

So far, I have been calmly watching the development of my two daughters, making sure that all of the Nuclear things will be taken away from their mothers, the lesser-looking girlish refinements, and the great-grandchildren. All I had to do was prove that the men ... (here's a resigned handshake, but unfortunately there is no sign!), So the men can't curl their hair, they don't know what color they are, if they blu there is no vapor on the blues or between the lasers, and you enjoy hobbling only as long as you don't know what's going on between your feet. After all this has worked so well, and if I have done some patience, care, playfulness, I have almost always received the "very good dad" mark.
I admit, your father-in-law's career was there with my teenage desires, as well as the casting and broadcasting of the show. I tried some of the others. I was discouraged by the act when I realized that I could not control myself on the stage, but that others would rule over me, including the director. I enjoyed radio broadcasting more and more, it gave me more variability in the beginning, since it can only be mentioned in the wavelengths of Danubius, but it has also changed over and over again. So it was too nice, and I replaced it with something new. In the meantime, I was able to start a paternal career, barely eight years old.
I wonder if I learned the pitfalls and failures of the other two careers. Let's see: Can you be in control of your father-child relationship, or is someone else reigning over you? I suppose every experienced parent has a choice based on their own empirical experience, but I am an idealist and I believe that no one else should rule in this relationship. Make the child the same partner as any adult, and most importantly: the adult should be the partner of the child! While I can't prove this is a long-term recipe, I believe in it and have been working on it from the start. So I can recall two situations when this method worked, like when I just sat down "talking" every night, and after a few days, I could tell what the middle tongue was what you saw that day. And after he fell asleep, I asked my wife to check if they really fed ducks in the zoo, and she was most surprised by what I found out. Or there was the hysteria that came out when we were supposed to leave home for parenthood, but even the smaller one did not bother half of the kids in play. Three of the parents who are now here have jumped off the kid, who just moved, and I still sat down to play what he started, and we just move on because he plays. Bejцtt. Also, if you pay attention to the children, you can get an insight and, above all, an insight into the world. And I like this world very much, and this world does not miss the ruler, so I hope in my paternal career I will not have to rule anyone, nor will anyone else rule me.
The other question: Will paternity routinely become monotonous and bound in form over time like any other job? Unfortunately, I do not have a very reassured answer, nor do I believe in faith. Since we started school / ovit, we have become a part of our daily routine, which is emphasized by the weekly routines in the form of specialties. That is why I owe it to destiny and to my own earlier decision, which I decided at the time of my birth, to spend less time on my professional career and more on the kids. Fortunately, then, fate didn't disappoint me with an unforgettable professional offer, and I was able to do the rest from home. Of course, there was still a bit of light-hearted routine work, from the night rocking to the stroller miniature rushes, to collecting time for the midnight rounds. From this, I have to conclude that the longer you spend dadding with your children, the sooner this relationship will end, as there will be time for social events alongside mandatory routines.
I hope this little principle will work for the son, and it will be enough if I try to raise a man instead of his son. Of course, you can lose the secrets of unlocking your electrician, shelving, driving, headlining, or thick glass doors! Even the worst stuff is taken together by the guys anyway. So I will continue to avoid football finds and gyms until my son asks me to introduce him to these secret shrines of the masculine world!