Why does the baby take everything in his mouth?

Why does the baby take everything in his mouth?

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As the baby suckles his finger in the womb, the baby is zealously looking for the breast in the wake of childbirth, and as he wounds, he puts his hands, feet, and anything in his mouth that can be moved.

The main character of the first year of the baby is the mouth. This sometimes causes more or less galibs in everyday life, since it is not uncommon for the little one to not find his / her own hand in his / her mouth, wants to suck something.
But later, the opposite is true: he finds his mouth very nicely - not just after washing, not just with fangs in his hand - and grungy paws (foot), mommy's bracelet, tassels. What should we do? Should we do something at all? An easy solution would be to simply "disable" the breastfeeding, gnawing man, and pat the baby's mouth with a pacifier. However, we are depriving ourselves of many opportunities to gain experience. Let's just think how much baby's mouth is! How pleasant it is to suck on a mummy. What a comforting thumb to rest in your mouth, to sleep.

The baby wants to taste everything. Everything!

How many interesting things you can learn about the world: shapes, shapes, trying out what's hot, what's cold, what's edible, and what's just a little crazy. This situation is also suitable for he learns what he is free to doand what's not. There's a lot of fear and annoyance when you put the flower in the garden or handle the dusty cats. But don't worry: while having fun for a while can try prohibited things, you'll soon find it better to put a blowout, a rubber elephant, or a finger in your mouth.
The other important consequence of more formal cooking, smoking, is the baby's mouth and hands he also becomes acquainted with a variety of morbidities. Your defense system works more and more when you have the opportunity to "practice" it. Neither the immaculately clean environment nor the sea of ​​water serve the interests of the little ones!
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