"Dog can't be taken out of a shelter the way this baby was taken"

"Dog can't be taken out of a shelter the way this baby was taken"

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It is inhumane and incomprehensible how a baby from one year to another is taken from one of her parents to another.

The Index report reports on the unprecedented and generally non-child-friendly treatment of the other year-old Zsuzsi (not this baby's nickname) separated from his parents, Laszlo.They just took their baby from their parents (photo: iStock) The index could only present one page in this article because neither the Pest County Child Protection Center and the Regional Pediatric Protection Service nor the Pest County Office received any information on they are not able to communicate any information.Life and Maria are a Roma couple living in a northern Hungarian settlement, working in an orderly environment, working and official education of Laszlo. They have grown up children. For a couple of years, three Roma brothers have been taken care of, all of them go to school, one of them is a very good student. In the course of one year, a strong bond formed between the three older children and the small and the foster parents. So much so that Lбszlуйk have fogadtбk the kislбnyt szнvesen also цrцkbe, but this was not lehetхsйgьk because nevelхszьlхknek not used цrцkbeadni child mбsfelхl both kцzel jбrnak the цtvenhez.Mбria йs Lбszlу were arrуl a йrtesнtйst elejйn September to Zsuzsi fogjбk give to someone цrцkbe, ezйrt the child protection guard, an adoption advisor, and prospective parents will visit them on September 9 at 10 o'clock.
Marriages and Laszlo knew that this was just an acquaintance, so it used to happen. It's a process that happens it can take weeks or months, just to form a bond between the prospective parents and the child. In this case, however, this did not happen. The events have stunned even experienced child protection professionals - the Index tells us. On September 9, parents arrived at Laszlo, a legal guardian and a tutor. Friends showed them where the baby lives. The child protection guard who regularly visited the family was nervous. In the meantime, the Adoption Advisory Board said: I had to give this kid an immediate prompt, promptly, quickly. I took her childcare and put her in the car of the brotherhood. Mardi had to get into another car, beside the gummy one.
The kid started crying. Marriah gave birth to "but the baby sucks." "Let me talk!" - the baby replied.In the meantime, it started to rain, so I went to the playground but over to the local cultural center, but the baby in the country did not stop by the car, but did not out of their car, and they could go with the baby into the real estate. , would have to clothe Zsuzsi, take her home for dinner, lay her down on dune. The guard wanted to take her home without the baby. But he refused to go home without the baby. Finally, Maria entered the house and heard the baby's crying. When Zsuzsi saw Mari, he yelled at him, "Mom, Mom." He came to her, greeted him, tried to reassure her.
They left the house of cultivation, the baby said that now the child will be taken to the app. to one-hour-long cities to "fill the papers". Marria did not understand what kind of paprika you were. Afterwards, the adopted parents, the child and the adoption board were returned to their car by Zsuzsi and they drove away with the little girlSuzuki was taken with a pacifier and a baby bottle. Laszlo and Marija still don't know where he is. One of the eyewitnesses to the story told the Index that a dog could not be taken out of a shelter the way this baby had been taken. In this connection, it was advised that the competent Medicines Agency, three days earlier (September 6), had decided to accept the hair in school, the big boy became aggressive, telling his acquaintance with ease that he was taken away by Zsuzsi. The Index has obtained information that an internal investigation has been launched into the matter.
In each of these cases, it is first and foremost worth looking at what is in the child's best interest, he told the Index about the case Slavy Viola psychologist, SOS Children's Villages Counselor for Children's Villages, who was also surprised to find Zsuzsi's adoption in such a way. This is definitely a traumatic and ubiquitous role for early adolescence in later adult life. That is why the adoption process is designed to be an acquaintance, a friendship period, which in the beginning must be there for the caregiver, in whom he or she trusts. There is a chance that a trusted parent can develop a relationship of trust.
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