Back ball, floor, cart and berry

Back ball, floor, cart and berry

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The tummy is in front, your waist is tearing back, your shoulder is tearing off, and the doctor wants to dry your eyes with some ointment. Do you have to do that?

Ball against backache

At the time of my first pregnancy, I was just tasting the sensation of what it is like to have a little headache. My third baby had already managed to make a bad move so I was unable to get up for days. I have some experience with backwoods. And I know that the main cure is prevention.
If femininity is a problem with back pain, we can count on it our doctor is just spreading his arms. This goes hand in hand with pregnancy. The abdomen increases, the center of gravity changes, and the back muscles are tense. It's no wonder that the majority of baby tubs are back, since this area is subject to the greatest load, and if someone doesn't have concrete backpacks on the floor, you may be prepared to have some pain here or there. agree - there is no medicine for backache. At least for little babies, they don't give any more, just some local muscle-relaxing cream. Which, of course, combined with enthusiastic daddy hands can bring some improvement, but not much to expect. Even so, the pain returns, especially if we do not find the cause.

Ball, cool car, but it's good to run off

Because baby kills can't help much, it's a sweetheart for women and women, let's see if we can relieve the burden on our kitsch somewhere else. If you are, say, a lot in front of the calculator, you can jump on the ball or the board, or a smooth, cylindrical backpack can relieve a lot of pain. If shoeing is the cause of the trouble, then it's time to get a cool shopping trolley, which is a good idea, because you can get it not only in the old fashioned style, but also in fun, cool colors. If you are carrying more than one piece of cushion, fetus, and water in your body anyway, do not fiddle with anything else and just put a couple of potatoes and giblets in the guriguru.
For me during my first pregnancy, the hard floor brought the only relief. Often I was lying down even in the sun, it was simply necessary to stretch my waist from time to time. In this case, fehér földitцkbхl (Bryonia) kйszьlt I sucked homeopathy berrywhich made me agile again a couple of times.
Of course, for the second baby, the situation was completely different. I ran all day after the other year, and I didn't think my head was tired until the evening and I didn't lie down. This is when the pain really exploded, so I asked myself for a harsh number (Rhus Toxicodenrdon), which is what I suggest to be a pain that breaks down.

When it pops out

However, the real hell I met with the third child was when I clicked on my waist, and from there I could not go, lie down, live or stop. By a crying or holy saint also meant terrible kings. The doctor was only able to comfort the pain in a couple of days and then lubricate it with muscle relaxant. From the cream I felt only a slight warmth, no serious improvement. That's why I took the mountain bullfight a week ago (Arnica montana) which makes every miracle wonderful. I sucked a couple of balls around the world, so I was able to get up the next day, which is a very important aspect for a mother. Of course, the backache only disappeared when my tummy disappeared. But only for a while-уrбig. After that, I carry that sweet burden not in my body but in my arms. And to this day, I have to take my berry berries sometimes.
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