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Hand warmer - without DIY sewing

Hand warmer - without DIY sewing

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Now that it is so cold, I remember a childhood memory: when it came down to it, we immediately rushed to sneak and grumble, of course, without gloves, with bare hands.

Nor did he forget that his reddish hands were aching in great pain: the cold cold had frozen him, but only for a while, because if we continued to make snow, this sensation would have disappeared as if he had not been there. We forgot it too. It comes closest when we hit home with the warmth of a potty. Interestingly, this sensation was hardly experienced by our children, but we have become accustomed to the cold lately. the minuses fly, and in this case certainly the little cuckoo your fingers may freeze. This very quick idea will help you get started and your little hand will not freeze while you are in the door. You can also play with it: toss, balance. The little ones will surely love it.

Hand warmer - DIY

Making it very simple, and all of your relatives are within reach of a household.What you need:
Outstretched or Punctured Cotton Socks (100% Cotton)
tы, cérna, yarnWhat is very important is that the raw materials used should not be cluttered as it does not heat the heater. This sock had a tapered heel, so I cut that part off.The sock can make a cushion on both of them. I turned the boxing part of the socks off and then reassembled the bottom - with good sucks so that the rice wouldn't snap out of it. I did the same with the top, but here I left a 1.5 centimeter stretch through which I turned the socks over and then loaded the rice with an extra help. I finally sewed the little hole.If you don't feel like sewing, don't worry, just fill the socks' foot section with rice and then tie the top with a yarn.Even though our grandmothers put potatoes heated in such a cold oven into the kid's pocket, we need to warm this little buttermilk in the microwave (20-30 seconds, 600 watts), Anikу .Rбcz's blog is HERE.