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New Maternity is here!

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Now, a parent with a baby child is going to list it for you, so don't miss this number. Х is one of the oldest and most faithful readers, it reads all numbers from the first letter to the last point.

Imre Wirth, Reading Editor of Pregnant Mama, recommends October issue:
I stumble upon the playground sprinkled with tiny pebbles, and I sweat my sandal. This is also due to my baby: there is little chance that I will be here any more. I raise my eyes when approaching the feed price, and in the short term I almost think it is a swing palin. Another little girl's up, I'll catch her. Yeah. His mother is just running after the little brother, and we take a moment's notice to control the situation. I hear the shreds of conversations, the hospital, the cup, the breastfeeding, the cold, the beating, as if in a theater where the many texts I read more than a dozen years ago in Kismamba have come to life. I have no overwhelming message to say: Well, that's not the case, and I don't have the enthusiasm to give advice, I feel more like an explorer who knows a lot but can't go crazy.
What would we say? How were you disturbed by the first beak? How was the second phone screaming at my son's death? Could I have stopped on the edge of the cloud with reference to my third rescue? On the fourth door I could see what the photographer was near?
I listen, but in the middle of everything I hear and receive. You listen to the women, you know how they are. To be able to tell us what happened to us. It is many years shorter. Let's stop the prematurely baby struggle on Facebook, and we want to be pushed for it. I don't want that. In those cases, I love it.
That is why the new Maternity: the father's birth report was particularly concerned. One of them is crying because he stayed at home with the bigger one. The other kid will be a man. The third one is driving the parent next to the car, through his mobile controls. "It was an incredible sensation: I was ahead of the sunrise and the trucks were rushing by. And the baby in my hand ..."
There is so much to talk about and write about. This month's baby grandmother, Mahasti, is trained in language and language about pain and overdoing. "Life is slowly returning to its normal circularity."
Scroll? Yes, it is in our minds that we must move on. And if I am not, the Maternity will give you tips, if you have a kid, if you have diarrhea, if you have a nose, if you have scars to avoid getting up in sugar, to have a good holiday in the fall, to find the best babafьrdetхt. See what's going to happen after the three cups and what kind of practices your baby will have again. Pregnant woman, baby show, sex and kids. Ruhбk. That's why I miss a lot of things that interest me.
But, dear reader, you shouldn't miss a Pregnant Mother Party! What are you up to? You can read it on page 15 or click HERE!


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