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Hanzas - for spiritual reasons?

Hanzas - for spiritual reasons?

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Why do the bitterly cast kills come back again and again? Maybe there is a spiritual reason for all of this? After spending so much on good advice, we followed up on why we were throwing away the money we were spending on expensive weight loss drugs.

Hate for spiritual reasons?

Are you really comforted with chocolate?

- Elestél? Don't drink, here's a snack of chocolate! many parents say, and don't even think that this is the basis for their childhood obesity. No, not chocolate is sin, but innuendo. The little one gets used to it: when he sins, eating is the best consolation. It relieves anxiety, it removes sorrow. But there is no painkiller in chocolate - just like in the spa. However, the latter have far less side effects. In fact, we can get used to brushing for brides. Bad nerves can start as early as infancy: if you put your baby on her leash, she'll teach her baby to eat every little thing. However, the baby may have only had a pee in her diaper, or a baby in her head, or may have been bored. Therefore, before you automatically "fill in" the baby's mouth, remember when the baby has eaten! Are you sure you are hungry? The switching does not have to be strictly rigid, but which They're snacking around in the kitchen, there is a greater chance that the children will grow older.

Cooked with love

It's not a matter of putting your heart into your Sunday lunch, but of course, if you just can't show your love. In particular, grandparents tend to feel like this: with a little chocolate, a lollipop and a cookie, they can prove their love, and spend more time with the grandchild than much fun. In many grandparents, old-fashioned inning survives: the stone kid is beautiful, healthy, you need to feed the little "nipple" - like your parents' counterpart. Everyday debate about meals cause. The young parent may feel that the grandparent intentionally neglects him. Family life is marked by quarrels that often burst out of the dining table, and the child learns that making a home is a request that can upset and overrule the whole family. to discuss the problem. Parents have to accept if grandparents want to comfort their little ones, but grandparents have to accept if parents prohibit certain things - like tooth decay, lozenges. Both need to adapt.

What's the problem with?

In adulthood, there are many reasons for eating and eating. Although most people today find the shapely, lean body much more conscious, many people still adhere to their flesh. Until you have some hidden and hidden benefits, you cannot succeed in losing weight. There are typical life situations where you are almost normal after your home.Eskuw - almost everyone starts to live because their desire is protected from external malice. Indicates that women are busy, sold, "married". After a plus size woman, she does not burn in the street, is not harassed at work, nor does she have to face the question that she might want to give up on being married to her. women have to eat instead of two. In fact, this state requires more quality than quantity changes. So far no "biological" reason has been found for "lust", so the researchers say they are deported because of mental burdens a part of women. Most pregnant mothers are anxious about their childhood, lost lives, and used to eat to alleviate the sensations that have arisen. szьlei. In this case, the eater will be the victim of sex and weakness, the a substitute for love. And when they are despised, they do not even consider themselves as a possible object of love: they get rid of the possibility of sex, even after thought. The fatter you become, the more relaxed your environment is, as it indicates that the healing process is over. he goes out to eat out of anxiety. There is a belief in many places today that one who is larger in body and one who has greater authority can therefore often find inferiority because of his sudden obsession.If the reason why both body and soul protest against slimming? Your doctor, family doctor, or family center may have found a psychologist-psychiatrist who can help you talk about the reason why you are not successful. However, this does not go from one day to the next - it takes at least twenty meetings to get to know its soulful panties. Szaktanбcsadу: Dr. Ferenc Tъry associate professor at the Department of Behavioral Sciences at Semmelweis University, who has been dealing with the treatment of people with eating disorders for several decades at the Department of Psychiatry and Neurology


The risk of obstruction can be effectively reduced by implementing the following steps:- Regular, daily цtszцri йtkezйs that nassolбsnak not be esйlye.- Do not place unnecessary kйszleteket home йs egйszsйgtelen йtelekbхl, pйldбul chipsbхl, rбgcsбlnivalуkbуl, йdessйgbхl, ьdнtхkbхl.- Suddenly йhsйgrohamok esetйn not devour kutyafuttбban a little pйldбul the utcбn a zacskу pogбcsбt, a hamburger or a jerky drip loin.- Do not survive during work or work. In the cinema, let's avoid the foolishness of the one-liter bullet and the gorgeous popcorn. When everyone pays little for their food, there is less chances of staying in it and avoiding the trap of devouring worthy remains.


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