You can also jump in the apartment

You can also jump in the apartment

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Why the hopping? And is it possible to jump between the four walls? Here are some tips for this!

You can also jump in the apartmentWhole body forms of exercise such as lifting, balancing, clinging and rocking, striking and grasping, or just jumping, play a very important role in stimulating children's brain development.

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It is best to use these movements you can practice it outdoors the child, but at home we can try many forms of exercise that are developer-efficient and do not require any special preparation. Can You Jump Into Your Home? Why not?

Why do you need to jump?

Kids love to jump, even though we parents don't always know how to jump, though important things happen to our kids when jumping. In the jump the whole body takes part, and it improves eye-to-eye coordination, balance, and artefact detection. Good flexibility will be important for sports and everyday life as well.

But where should the seedling jump?

It is best to have it outdoors, in the open air, or in a larger gym (gym, playhouse), but you can also try jumping at home. To this we add a few game ideas now.

Obstacle in the room

The simplest task to be the biggest success is in a barn made of parsley currency transitions, jumping and skipping. On the couch, the light currency at the jump level is an old classic. For a safe landing, it's a good idea to put a large pile of cushions on which a small jump can land. If you're initially unsure or afraid of your child, grab your hand before jumping! I think it's a must-see game, but be careful not to let the furniture go too far!

Surprised players

How's the bunny jumping? How does a kangaroo jump? What's a Bike Jump? Do you have enough grass to jump? Younger people like to play these animal learning games that can be tried out in the home.


Who would think that jumping school could be played in the apartment as well? Well, I admit that, too, I learned from Erika Bartos's storybook. For home jumping school, you only need tape and a few numbered sheets of paper tucked on the floor, and the games can start.

Füles volleyball

Jumping balls can be used by children all the way through pre-school age. There are children who jump at it when they are studying at home because a movement learning It keeps your information even better. With its grip on the ball, you can jump on it, even in small spaces, and it is still a great way to respond to your child's movement needs. Last but not least, the athlete's foot muscles and fitness are improved by ball jumping.


The apartment is small? No garden? Fortunately, you can also buy a minitrambulline specifically for use in the home, which is one of the best tools for jumping a child. It is important to know that professionals do not recommend the use of trampoline under the age of 5-6 because the bones of the child are not strong enough to withstand the repetitive strain.
Jumping on the trampoline is an energizing, great work for kids that will work the heart and improve your health.


Jumpers made of foam rubber or rubber can be tried out in the garden or in the home. This is a game for 5-7 year olds, but there are some that can be used by a child from the age of 1 up. (Some of them play tunes and light effects among others.)


There are old games that are renaissance. Hip-Hop Exceptional Motion Coordinator, a game in which you give up the need to spin a small ball on one foot while jumping on the other foot. You can make it at home! Jump on, wish you a great game! The Chopper: Fisher-Price Ugrбlу Zebra.Related articles on Child Development:
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