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5 Pregnant Parental Beliefs - Prohibited or Free?

5 Pregnant Parental Beliefs - Prohibited or Free?

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Because there is a lot of parody in the public consciousness, many mothers are uncertain about what to do and what not to do. To dispel our doubts, we answer the most frequently asked questions.

Pregnancy Beliefs: What's Free and What's Not?

Is Hair Dye a Risk for My Baby?

We have not been able to prove the fetal effect of hair dyes, but since we do not know exactly how many chemicals are delivered to the fetus through the scalp, the first trimester of dandruff cannot be recommended for the scalp.
There is also the fact that hair coloring does not always produce the expected results during pregnancy - it can be attributed to shade and longevity. In case of planned pregnancy, it is advisable to gradually approach the original hair in advance, so there will be no problem with the appearance of limescale. do it in a well-ventilated area, open window!

Is there a safe way to change your hair?

Only natural, plant-based hair colorants can be used without risk. Such as henna active hair colorants, but before you buy, make sure they do not contain any chemicals! It may be a good solution to rub, because in this case the dye does not come in contact with the scalp.

Can I continue to use my old, proven facial poles?

Our hormones can become completely upset and confused during pregnancy, and our facial polishes should follow the changes in skin condition. megelхzni these vбltozбsokat, kikьszцbцlni not be - the terhessйg йs the szoptatбs utбn the bхr mыkцdйse visszatйr the rйgi kerйkvбgбsba.A bхr increased faggyъtermelйse, aknй or blackheads kйpzхdйse vбsбroljunk esetйn hбzi hasznбlatra felnхttkori pattanбsos bхrre szбnt kйszнtmйnyt, йs seek beauty parlor - sajбt any case kezыleg Another important aspect to consider when developing a new skin care facial is new skin sensitization, which is not just about hormonal changes, but about skin irritation. Soap, detergent or rinse, which has not been a problem so far, can cause sudden inflammation, like fragrances in our face cream. If you are unsure about cosmetics, ask our cosmetologist for an opinion.

Can I continue to treat acne skin during pregnancy?

Treating acne skin is not an easy task at the time of baby screening, as most drugs and cosmetic ingredients that usually help solve the problem can pose a risk to the fetus and are forbidden to use. For example, isotretinoin (an active ingredient in Roaccutan), which can have a serious fetal toxicity, and when breastfeeded, the baby is exposed to the health of the baby.
tanбcsos not taking antibiotics during the vбrandуssбg йs szoptatбs time - the terhessйg mбsodik trimeszterйtхl felhalmozуdу the fetus szervezetйben tetracycline in the kйsхbbiekben fogzomбnc elszнnezхdйsйt, kбrosodбsбt йs csontkйpzйsi rendellenessйgeket okozhat.Sok New Account kйszнtmйnyrхl turn megbнzhatу mйg not бllnak rendelkezйsre kutatбsi data babбt йrintх rizikуfaktorok tekintetйben. The most accepted method of treating acne in pregnant women is the use of topical agents on the affected skin surface. The first step in cosmetic treatments is the prevention of thirst and the development of the tricks that help to keep your hair dry.

Can I still use my perfume?

Many mothers do not tolerate strong scents, much like perfume, but if you do not cause such a complaint, you can still wear it. However, after the baby arrives, during the breastfeeding period, perfume use is not recommended - at least not every day - as the baby's milk does not have a more attractive scent on the mother's milky scent!Related articles on pregnancy parental beliefs:
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