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Sunbathing tips

Sunbathing tips

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What should we do if the baby falls? What are the good sunscreens? What do you need to know about sunblock?

Sunbathing tips


If you are looking for a suntan for a child under the age of two, it is also worth noting that it contains no preservatives, colorings or fragrances. If the baby is able to dissolve in March, cool the shower by relieving the pain and then spray the affected area with a soothing spray. If you are stingy, use only clean water. Do not put classical home remedies such as sour cream, oil, butter, fat on the body surface. Try to cool the skin with a cool shower and a cold shave!

What is your sunbathing like?

- Effective and photostable
- high factor
- water, but the sand particles can't rub it
- its defenses are not degraded by the day
- rich in lipids (choose milk or cream)
- protect against UVA and UVB rays
- hypoallergenic
- hydrate


If you have a baby with a head exposed for too long in the sun, it is easy to get a sunburn. Lay it down in a cool, dark room, sprinkle with plenty of cooled liquid. A generous amount of liquid refill is just as good for the summer as a whole. Special attention should be paid to children, because when they are into the game, they do not deal with thirst. Because breast milk is always adjusting to the baby's needs, it will be more thirsty than calorie-fed now.
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- Book protection for the little one