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Let's practice the traffic!

Let's practice the traffic!

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During your daily walk in the surroundings of your home, you can almost imperceptibly learn some of the most important transportation rules.

Teach him how to move safely

"Stop on the edge of the street!" Usually we walk by the hand, but we still say it out loud: here we stop, walk around, and then just leave. When you go without a handshake, you should make sure that it is still standing on the pavement. Let's keep a close eye on it so we can keep it back in time if needed. "We're just going green." Let's raise the little kid's attention to the traffic light: Well, what's the color? When can we go bt? What does he show to the people who are crossing over? You often have to pay attention to this when you realize that where traffic flows from one direction to another, everyone waits for time. In exceptional cases, we should not go too red, because the light of the lamp is perceived by the child as relatively, overwhelming. He will also try it, if he can, but he won't be able to handle the exceptional cases again."Bloody bitches don't go out!" Before school, we can't trust kids' morals. But if we travel properly with us and raise awareness of the rules, we can hope to practice and abide by them. We get through the lights, zebras, but never get out of the car or parked on a public transport vehicle.

Always by car?

If there is a chance, moms will often be more comfortable with putting the baby in a car rather than a stroller. Before we forget about the natural way of life, let's think about a few things.- Air pollution is more harmful to small children. If we ourselves are involved in the production of toxic gases, this means that we are indirectly jeopardizing the health of our children. In fact, we are also more likely to be in autuba.- Our example suggests that you can't get anywhere without your car. Your child will need to be transported less quickly than the self-righteous, and adults will become self-polluted by default.- While in the car, you cannot learn the rules of pedestrian traffic. Some of the traffic accidents that affect children could be prevented if they knew and adhered to the traffic rules that apply to them, they would have greater practice in safe transport. Young children learn a lot about walking, busing, traming. Explain why we stop at the edge of the yard, watch the lamp together. There are a number of conditions on the street that, while sitting in the car, just pass by.

Fully packed

If your older child is up to two years old when your little brother arrives, we need to put in all our abilities to get out of the way. If our baby has been pushed out in the stroller so far, he still needs it. Although we can carry the baby for a few months, it will be harder for us to carry the baby. A fraternity blanket will make this situation easier if it can be mounted on our stroller. Brotherhood on the trailer is also a practical solution, but be careful, it is harder to maneuver with a double-loaded car and can easily tip over. If you are not far away from the playground and your older child is still in the stroller, let him walk upright in your foot, putting your head on the road in your backpack, a solution for all of us. This way, it is easier to pack the little stuff we need on the playground.Related Articles:
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