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The birth of Zuckerberg's Urbian gesture is about to come

The birth of Zuckerberg's Urbian gesture is about to come

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Everyone was expecting the first photo of little Zuckerbergr to appear. The big announcement happened, but outside of the cap, there was still a sensation in the open letter.

Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan with the kid

As reported on April 24th, the child of Chan-Zuckerberg's housewife, Max., Was born. But what the letter contained was a huge surprise beyond the tropical world…
Zuckerberg wants to make the world a better place to make a beautiful future for children and all children so they can sell 99 percent of their Facebook shares. This amounts to no less than US $ 45 billion (approximately US $ 13,140 billion).
Money-based non-profit organizations are established and funded in the following areas: personalized learning, healing infections, connecting people, and building strong relationships.
In the letter, Zuckerberg also talked about health recovery, saying that, unfortunately, more than fifty times as much money goes into curing patients in the world as preventing illness. It also highlighted the potential of learning to help reduce poverty and social inequality.


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