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Strabismus can also be a serious symptom

Strabismus can also be a serious symptom

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Every parent is terrified when he or she discovers the strabismus of their child. There is no need to be scared, but you should not follow the old view that it will grow.

Parents with a lung malformation, strabismus, or parents with dullness are at greater risk of having these defects in the child

Pancreas is a predominantly childhood eye disease characterized by two eyes can't look the same, so the double-eyed is not created. Most often it is congenital or congenital, at 6 months of age, or it develops in the age of 2.5-4 years, very often due to some febrile illness. In the background of strabismus, there is usually some kind of lunatic error. there is no parallel person to look at. As soon as we detect the symptom, we should consult a doctor immediately. Cannibalism can't be out! "He said dr. Tъri Йva, Head of Department, Department of Ophthalmology, Heim Pбl Children's Hospital.

Let's examine it

During the eye exam, the eye examines the eye for a blemish and, accordingly, exposes the eye. During school, you have to do a test in a so-called cycloplegic, so before pupil drip should be instilled in the eye (at home for several days or in the office 20 times three times), because this is the only way to measure the complete blemish. Depending on the appearance, so how much of the child is seen in the body, the eyesight of the poorly-sighted must be recovered. This good eye cover As long as the eyeglasses remain worn while wearing the glasses, the next step is the surgical intervention. In the case of strabismus caused by photographic errors, congenital malignancies are suggested to be operated on for one year or more, with a delay of about four years. The purpose of the operation is to enable double-threaded coalescence. The surgery performed at a later age is only cosmetic and aesthetic. It is important to know that anti-stroke surgery does not improve visual acuity, so you should wear eyeglasses afterwards. The background of the disease is largely due to a photographic error. To determine this, the eyeshadows use special instruments, such as automatrefraktomйter, special version for infants, a plusoptix. THE szkiaszkуpia (shielding) can help you to determine the level of flaws in the image - for this Skyscraper léc йs special rubbish (strich skiaskop) is needed. If the stinging error is corrected, the strabismus remains unchanged, and special ophthalmic instruments are used.

Must handle it!

Treatment for lack of strabismus causes permanent damage. Which one of the eyes the child squeaks, does not use that eye, so he does not learn to see with it, tompalбtу. This means that double-threaded co-operation cannot occur; Due to the dullness and lack of storage, you will not be able to obtain an official driver's license or be able to fill multiple jobs. If the photographic error is not corrected, so the child does not wear glasses or does not wear good eyeglasses, there may be countless complaints at school. For example, headaches, eyelids, eye scarring, which cause a decrease in concentration, and a decline in learning outcomes. Part of the disease is due to the presence of a live site, for example due to toxoplasma Arthritis - and inflammation of the skin, vitreous haemorrhage, or inflammation, due to a tumor growing at the base of the eye. Otherwise, the light does not reach this area, for example, in congenital gray blisters. Therefore, it is very important to have a strabismus at any age, ophthalmologic examination is essential, because if there is malignancy in the background of strabismus, the life of the child can be at risk. Unfortunately, strabismus can be trapped. Parents with light-headedness, scabies, or parents with dullness are at greater risk of having these defects in the child. For those who have a family history of lightheadedness, strabismus, buttocks, it is more appropriate to monitor your child and to undergo control screenings every year. Thus, a malpractice error can be detected just before the child begins to chastise. The K&H Skincare Program provides a significant amount each year for the purchase of vital instruments for pediatric health care institutions.