Infant Feed: On the start line at 6 weeks

Infant Feed: On the start line at 6 weeks

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Every start is difficult, say - but not necessarily that. If you are prepared to feed your baby, you can easily get in the way. Up to 6 months more vegetables, fruits and grains may be on the baby's price list.

In our parenting series on baby nutrition, we have decided which foods, when and when to fit into your baby's routine, give you good tips on how to make them, and of course, experienced moms. Let's start with baby nutrition by tasting - as we carefully approach each new taste, unknown food, so we will present a whole new world to the little ones. Let us be patient and we will eat the meal gradually. Let the baby get to know new friends. Although many moms have told me that as soon as the baby is 3-4 months old, they are encouraged to introduce the little food the first 5-6 days. it is worth considering for children - in consultation with the nurse and the pediatrician. By this time, your baby's body, digestive system, is ready to accommodate unknown foods.The most asked mum started with an apple. There are some who have a baby, but there are moms who used a cinnamon stick to introduce their baby to the baby. The apple is an easy choice, because it is easy to get to and does not belong to the most expensive fruits. If we get to the apple successfully, there is a lot of fruit and greenery to continue with. However, as stated in previous articles, don't hurry up in this process, your baby will always clearly indicate when he / she is ready, what he / she is interested in and what he / she does not want to see once (at least for a while) on his / her knee. It is advisable to introduce the baby to the newborn in the afternoon, and to include it in the schedule after breastfeeding."I tried eating first thing in the morning, but it soon turned out to be not the coolest time. It's better to start the day, we have breakfast in the morning, next week, and then in the afternoon "I don't know if this is the case with all kids, but after-dinner activities have almost always worked out well. Of course, after a few weeks, that didn't matter so much, but it really made the beginning a lot easier." Biankawho routinely gave their first meals to their baby after their second baby, after breastfeeding for the first time. then we can deal with chestnuts as well. Aside from the fruits, let's not forget the greens. A 6-month-old baby can also get potatoes, roasts, targets and yellow chips. In every case clean it thoroughly the greens and fruits and so on shake, smear, cut it for the baby.In addition to the greens and fruits, we can introduce some types of cereals to the child. We can also make cereal flakes, get rice, oats, corn and food made from wheat. THE gluten content of cereals (such as wheat), some studies have suggested that it is advisable to gradually introduce small amounts into your small diet, possibly to just grow up, make sure the baby doesn't over-eat the new thing, because at this point in time breast milk is the most important tбplбlйka.
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