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She pointed at my stomach: Anna

She pointed at my stomach: Anna

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Each family has its own story about how children are named. Now she's telling her about her.

As we are expecting our first child, we are repeatedly apologizing utуnйvkцnyvet, and then we chose the baby boy and girl name we like best. When we learned that we were going to have a baby, we only had to choose from that name. To many Pannis, formally Ann, we wanted to name our baby because it is of biblical origin (the name of the mother of Virgin Mary) and its meaning is God's grace. Finally, in the last few months, we have decided that we will call our newborn Dory.

When we learned that we were expecting a new baby and would have a baby, we revisited the cookbook, but it went down to three. lбnynevet we couldn't add anything new. Among the chosen ones, Anna was the most beloved of us, but at that time we did not stick to the intended version. Somehow, when I was uncertain, I was thinking a lot about choosing a good name for our baby. The final decision was made by our daughter Dory.
So it was 18 months later when I started reading the names one evening looking at the calendar, expecting that I would like one of them, and not even seriously thinking about asking my baby to ask Anna to call her? I didn't expect an answer because before we didn't tell our daughter Durri she was going to be a brother and it still seemed like she wasn't listening, just playing there. He couldn't talk much at that time either. However, as I asked the question, he looked at me and left his games and quickly jumped up and ran to me, then pointed at my stomach.
I was very shocked by what I saw and from that point on I was not interested we chose a new name, since all three of us have chosen this. After that, whenever I asked Dyr where Anna was or told me she was going to give birth to a little brother, she came to me and pointed or kissed me. Our baby was very much looking forward to the arrival of her little sister, who was born on May 31, 2012 and is named Anna. Fortunately, we have a lot of love for each other's little girls, they love each other very much, Durya uvya, she is as gentle as she can be with her baby. I hope you always have good brothers and sisters like you now.
Sarkady-Filбk Йva