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Sharenting: Where's the Limit of Parenting?

Sharenting: Where's the Limit of Parenting?

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Do we all remember how savage it was when the first time every new friend or knight visited us, our parents put a good old family photo album under their noses, possibly with a dozen "crazy" photos?

Sharenting: Where's the Limit of Parenting? (photo: iStock)But are we able to imagine what our children will feel when they discover more and more what is circulating on the Internet that can be accessed by the whole world, including prospective friends, educators, and even more work? All this is due to our "innocent" post. We obviously put up things about our children because we love them and we want to share our pride with the world. But where's the border? What is it that counts to many?

What is Sharenting?

If we wanted to translate it to Hungarian, then parental nutrition would be the best expression for it. The concept of English share and parenting is a term used to describe a word that nowadays affects almost every parent. Sharenting is when we distribute different types of images, videos, or text on children's media - without their consent. That's 300 photos a year, which means we share something about our kids almost every day.

Dangers of sharenting

From the fact that as our children grow older, they may not be happy to have a complete "life story" circulating around the Internet - starting at almost fetal age - there are also serious dangers to our parenting process. not only do they lose their right to privacy, but they can really get them in trouble. We wouldn't think so, but a name, a birthday, a school / school spot, or the regular display of a child's regular football / ballet uber can all be used against our babies. In the best case, different phishing scams and online marketing companies can add a new profile to their list, but in the worst case, they can get this content to criminals and even pedophiles. they may also choose if our posts, which they are also tagged with, get inappropriate publicity.

It is punishable in a few cases

More and more lawsuits have come to light where the irresponsible posture of parents is "bыn". An Austrian girl had sued her parents for sharing hundreds of pictures, especially from their early childhood, with their roulette acquaintances. And an Italian son brought his mother's blasphemy before blasphemy, for he dared not continue to spend every moment of his life in the shop window without paying attention, the problem is serious. French parents who share their images / videos / text content without the consent of their children can count for a year in prison and a serious cash payment of up to 45,000 Euros.

What is the solution?

Obviously, it is not uncommon for us to share anything about our family, our children, but if we are more discreet and prudent, we can protect our children from much inconvenience.

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Always keep our profiles private so that we really only have access to the content we want.
  • Let's avoid the so-called "impulse posture", think twice before uploading anything about our children.
  • Let's ask ourselves: Why would we want to share this content? Let us think about whether we can cause this later unpleasant moments.
  • Make sure you don't give out private information (such as your home location, kindergarten, school name, frequent activity hours, exact name, birthday date, etc.)
  • Avoid sharing intimate moments (childish events, intimate moments, lust-hysterics), and keep them to yourself.
  • Under no circumstances should we post unclean pictures of our children!
  • As soon as your seedling understands what you are up to and is able to make your own decision, always ask for and authorize a review of that image / video.
If we do not fall into the trap of sharenting, we give our children the opportunity to shape their own stories and tell the world the way they want.
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  • They can sue their parents for up to 35,000 euros