Inclined headrest

Inclined headrest

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It may happen that the newborn is holding his head obliquely because of poor posture in the womb or fracture of the ankle muscles during birth.

It seems that you always turn it to one side, only one side is active, so if you move the other side. In some cases, the cervical vertebrae may be skewed in the background. Early and regular treatment is thought to skew, and the baby will use both sides equally.

Massaging can help

With the help of a physician recommended gymnastics and massaging, you can help with the process, but you should not force it. Place the baby in the baby so that it is worth turning over the problem side, so the whole side is above the wall. On the "harmful" page, we bring up some interesting toys and music for the baby. Let's give birth to this page, get the games from here, and encourage them to try to move as well. Raise the doll from its side, so it does not tilt so lightly.
Because these babies are breastfeeding, they can only breastfeed on one side, so special postures may be needed to keep the baby from feeling painful when eating. To do so, you should ask for breastfeeding advice.
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