Diaper Relief: These are what you might need for a diaper

Diaper Relief: These are what you might need for a diaper

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What accessories will we need from our diaper in our home and what do I need to get for traveling? We have compiled all the tools that can make changing the pelvis more comfortable.

When we travel with a child, like for a weekend, I always think before the pack, what kind of activities we will expect in the coming times (whether to have a swimming pool, outdoor activities, outdoor activities, for bathing in the evening, what time to spend in the car, etc.). After the activity / site, I collect the necessary (potentially needing - and then, half of this is not publicly announced) tools. So I try not to forget anything. I can suggest this line of thought by adjusting the diaper. Consider the location and conditions of the diaper - it is also relatively easy to get on with diaper cling, and get the necessary supplies before or after birth.

The "diaper corner" at home

Since we will need to change our diapers very often every day, we will spend a long time doing this activity. It is important to be comfortable in our position and position. A well-chosen diaper can help us a lot. We are smart when we choose commode for our height. That is, we stand in front of the shop and imitate a diaper change. How much we can bend (since the baby will lie down, so we have to bend at least half a meter to the nappy), is it too high, does the diaper really matter, we need it all. For example, we chose a boy, so my hands had the boys' baby clothes. Because I always made a set of clean clothes for the next diaper change, I often needed a change of diaper change. Then you are lucky to have a clean clothes handy just underneath the diaper.Or if you buy a baby wardrobe, the diaper has a spot on the baby's door so you can find what you need. We cannot leave the baby alone for a second. And most of the time we can do it all by ourselves, so it's worth getting ready to start changing your diapers (too). After a couple of weeks, your baby will want to change something before he changes his diaper. The solution is to put the baby on the diaper, or put another toy, a picture of the baby in the forehead, put something in his or her hand, and help him / her to tie it for a couple of minutes. Singing and talking can also help. We will really learn this as we get to know our baby, what makes him the best.Diaper Lingerie: What Do You Need for a Diaper?

The diaper itself

The most uncertain parameter is the diaper itself. At noon, most moms (still) start using disposable diapers - but still there are a lot of variations in the equation.What size should we start with?It is worthwhile to observe ultrasound-based estimates made by the physician - even though these estimates are not very accurate. On a grand scale, they can help you with whether you need a new-sized diaper or a 1-not-give-God-size 2 diaper program. For me 1-2 weeks before I was born, they weighed 4 kg and the baby was born almost 4 and a half months later. Needless to say, luckily, we didn't buy diapers in the new size, not a lot of them.What brand should we use?Most families in our environment have tried a few types of disposable diapers until they find the right one. As for the baby's anatomy, skin, pee / pouch size, the parents' purse is best suited. The supply is virtually endless, you can try it. Luckily for us, the winner was already in the hospital days - we used that mark for about a year. There was no need to try anything else. Then, as your baby's movements change (he starts to go swimming or just about to move), you can change what diaper you need. That's when the testing, test, can start again. Or, when you're running a lot, moving, you can consider lighter, faster diaper changes. This is where you can help with your panty diaper - which is very easy to pull down on a runner who might run in the middle.

Accessories for diapers

AlбtйtWhether you put a rigid diaper pad or a mattress on the diaper, or a portable, foldable, foldable variation, we will definitely do something under your baby's diaper change. In goodbye, for example, they put a textile diaper on the diaper (pad) and replace it with each diaper. There are a lot of practices for who we turn to.PopsitцrlхHere, the custom is really very different about who breaks the baby's buttocks or the whole bottom. The expectation of a more natural raw material will become more and more fundamental. Recently, many big, well-known brands have launched their 99% water-only disposable buttocks - previously it was hard to find such cloths. There are moms who swear by the combination of pure water and cotton wool, and they only use buttocks in the middle. The cleanest, most skin-friendly solution in the public domain. The most comfortable is the disposable buttocks. From this, if you choose the aforementioned virtually only water, you will certainly not find any irritant in your baby's skin.Popsikrém / -polpolouYour baby's skin will depend on how sensitive it is, and if so, in what cases we will need popcorn, oil, and other litter. My first pediatrician told me at my first meeting that I would thickly coat the diaper area with the baby bops (OTKI ointment) in the pharmacy. This is clearly what I asked for my preventive purpose: do not start my baby's skin on disposable pelus.As far as I know, it is much better quality today's disposable diaper and to wear unnecessary neck all the time. More importantly, when you have reddened skin, you should quickly heal it. Then lubricate it immediately. A variety of creams can be obtained for this purpose as well as active ingredient creams available in drug stores (usually containing zinc oxide to relieve diaper rash). In addition, moms love to use charity-based gifts, and I bought one as well. In fact, one of my coolest bio-almond oils is applied to the irritated skin surface of children. So many houses, so many habits - here too.diaper TrashIt is also an inquisitive, habitual, quest for principles. Who smells, how much does it bother you, how often can you take trash out of the house, etc. The diapers are well sealed, containing the odors. The first couple of months can do good service. If you buy it, you can safely put a litter bag in it, you can use it with it.

Diapers outside the home

When we leave our home base with our newborn, there is much to take with us. Have a dedicated diaper with a great deal of content, only the personal stuff you need to unpack / pack. There are nappies made for moms, and many are claimed to be. I was not so comfortable with it, and finally, I have invested in my previous training backpack: thanks to the many pockets and the large size, all the kid's stuff fits inside and out of my bag. So we both have one bag - that goes to my back and I have two free hands left. This also turns out to be a lot of appetite ... In diapers - at least in diapers - we have to find much the same things as in the diaper line at home. Include a few pieces of diapers, a pad to put on the baby, buttocks (use anything for that purpose), and a book, games, little creativity (like taking naps under the sun, taking a nap outdoors, or taking a nap) sometimes you may need a diaper bag to put the used diaper in and keep it for the next trash can (it is environmentally , obviously this problem can be solved with room cleanliness forever). Also, don't forget to change clothes at home, because accidents can happen anywhere when you need to change your baby's clothes.Related articles in diapers:
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