What can you do if you catch a baby in a hasmars?

What can you do if you catch a baby in a hasmars?

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What good would it be for a toddler not only to point me out, but also to tell a couple of times a day if he was headache somewhere.

Baby, we find poop in the pelus many times

Of course, a newborn can't talk and she can't complain about her head and worried mum either. This makes it difficult to determine if the baby is ill, unless he or she is the first child in the family. Therefore, it is important that the parent is clear of the symptoms. Even in the case of diarrhea, it seems simple. A baby can also cause diarrhea if his diet changes slightly. And severe diarrhea can cause even greater loss of water, much less tiny.

What to watch for?

If your water is dewy with mottled, bloody streaks, its color is light, yellow, green or very dark. Frequency does not necessarily mean diarrhea because the intensity of the movements varies from baby to baby. The newborn can have births up to 8-10 times a day. An infant may cry three times a day, but may cry only once a week. The diarrhea stool can also be recognized by its characteristic odor.The normal stock of infants who consume exclusively breast milk is mustard and liquid or peppery. However, this can also vary, depending on what the mother eats and what goes into the breast milk. If something is not right in the diaper, we can rely on our sense of smell because we will be sensing the difference. They're better are at risk of diarrheal diseasesbecause they do not consume antibodies that have a protective role only in breast milk. As the baby begins to eat solid, poppy food, it will produce a more formulated and intense smell. Diarrheal diseases can be cured, the most important principle is not to dry out the little one. If you drink healthy and enough, you will have diarrhea within a couple of days. The diarrhea symptom the most common cause is infection of the digestive system. It can be caused by medication, such as antibiotics, or by consuming a lot of fruits or infants from older babies, possibly from nutrition, milk allergy, or enzyme deficiency. Some people also bring loose stools into contact with dentition (because of the large amount of sprouts produced), but this is not really diarrhea.


After freezing a gastroenteritis (stomach upset) is one of the most common diseases. Inflammation of the stomach and intestinal mucosa in infants, children and adults alike causes diarrhea. The intestine is unable to digest food and to withdraw the liquid, which results in frequent fluid loss. Even if the little one eats or drinks, he can lose a significant amount of fluid. It can be caused by many types of virus, the most common being rotavнrus, which is most suitable for babies between 6 months and 2 years. If your baby has diarrhea, with diarrhea, vomiting, and hypertension, he probably has an upset stomach.


Some microscopic signs - for example, Giardia lamblia - they also cause diarrhea and spread easily in the community. However, proper hygiene (after washing diapers) can prevent the spread of infection.

Milk Allergy

Rare, but can also cause diarrhea and occasionally vomiting. Symptoms may appear with a few minutes or a little urine after milking. If you suspect the symptoms may be related to milk, call your pediatrician. Breastfeeding is the best way to prevent the development of milk allergy.

Enzyme Interference

If the baby is given formula, is less than 3 months younger and has diarrhea, the symptoms may be caused by the lactose content of the formula. Congenital lactation is a rare but life-threatening condition, see a doctor.


If an infant is taking antibiotics while on or after diarrhea, it is likely to be related to the drug, and then ask for a baby testimonial.

Consuming too much fruit or jam

Remove the baby from the baby and the problem will disappear within a week. Drinks that contain a lot of sorbitol or fructose will spoil your stomach. Many fruits lose their loses because their small stomachs cannot evacuate, not to mention the negative effect on their teeth, especially when they are full of fruit juice. If we give it to us, we only use the glass and limit the amount!

What to do?

If an infection causes diarrhea, Get medical attention! The most important thing is to provide fluids. If not, give her breast milk or formula, if you miss, half an ounce of urine. increases the severity of diarrhea. Perhaps the best drink we can get is tea. Do not add medicine until your doctor advises. Do not change your schedule if you are already eating solid food. Don't worry if your sleeping bag stops temporarily. As long as you don't dry out, you drink enough, and it's okay, and your sleeping bag will come back in a few days. Some pediatricians recommend adding cultured yogurt because they are fun and can reduce the duration of diarrhea. Nowadays you can get in many places and babies generally like yogurt. You can't stress enough to drink a lot, because otherwise you can easily go to waste.These can also be useful:
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