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Call for help Levi heal together!

Call for help Levi heal together!

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What is the life of a two-year-old boy? He's buzzing, rambling, motoring, and often chasing his parents with his liveliness. But Levi was not given all of this: if he did not get urgent help, his whole life would have to be tied to a wheelchair.

Let's help Levi heal together! (photo: Angelika Zsuzsanna Molnбr,, here's the chance to join together and act together on healing! Her parents were eagerly awaiting and planning how to ensure her carefree child years. "I was thinking about equipping entire homes with security locks, corner protectors, so you don't miss an accident when it comes to discovering the world," says Levi's mom. However, when the baby was one year old, spinal cord origin was diagnosed. In the parents, a world collapsed at that time. her baby started to wake up ... My God, though, my son could run or flutter! Anyway, 1-2-3 years old, he could only succeed once! " Good news that you can succeed. But that's up to us! Levi has been given the Spinraza injection, and it is developing nicely, but unfortunately it is not enough for healing. Now, however, hope shone! There is a gene therapy called Zolgensma, which is currently only available in the United States. The treatment fee is 700 million forints, and the situation is further complicated by the fact that children will only receive until the age of 2, which Levi will be filling on December 20. The necessary exams need to be started even earlier, so there is only 10 days left for support ... will we be able to compete with the time? Now we can show you that there is hope for Levi and you don't have to wheel your life in a wheelchair! It was also embraced by Billingo's online reporting system, so who now supports Levi's treatment with at least $ 15,000 receives a one-year free Billingo Premium subscription"Of course, we also welcome a much larger donation, with the main goal of giving little Levi a chance at a lifetime. CEO of cég. It is important that you do not refer to Billingo's name but directly to the Levente Lépéseiert Foundation! Submit October 24-Nov йjfйlig min. $ 15,000 for Levi's Statute, then send a proof of deposit to [email protected] Time is urgent, NOW your help is needed!
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