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You will be surprised how much Bill Gates' children spend

You will be surprised how much Bill Gates' children spend

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While in the midst of most of his or her parents' life, the moment a child requests, and this is one of the central questions, is whether or not to let go, Microsoft's father's children spend a tremendous amount of time tracking.

Do you think Bill Gates's kids use laptops?We would think that those who took part in the digital revolution, at any level, are committed to foreign parents and children of all ages and ages. The exact opposite is true. The kids of Bill Gates and other tech gurus don't get close to a tablet or phone.Bill Gates, who is an experienced dad - with three girls - has set serious rules for his kids' internet and parenting habits. Microsoft based an interview that told us they were Children up to the age of 14 do not receive a phone. He also said that their kids, of course, complained that everyone had a mobile phone, but they didn't listen to their complaints with the boss - they get a mobile, it can be used only for certain periods and eg. it is not possible to push the pens on the dining table. This kind of parenting concept is not typical of Bill Gates, Steve Jobs nor did he allow his children to use an iPad.Sean Parkerwho used to be the leader of Facebook said that spending will change your relationship with society and others. A large number of Apple have also published open letters saying that it's time for Apple, for example, to draw parents' attention to proper use. . The 29 percent is really interesting because more than half of people go to their smartphones, and 45 percent first wake up on their phones after waking up. Nearly two thirds of them are tracking their cellphone at bedtime. 42 percent of those surveyed feel that they have spent too much time with their smartphone.Related articles on Smartphone:
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