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That's why children's pools are dangerous

That's why children's pools are dangerous

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When the time comes, nothing is more pleasant than swimming in a cool lake or sparkling in a blue pool. However, it is not worth considering the dangers of a more expensive bath.

Because cool water is cool bacteria and parasites It can be a place to live, and it can easily make our lives frustrated. For this reason, experts recommend that you do not swallow water at all, even if you are bathing in a chlorinated pool. " gyermekmedencйk report, he said dr. Christopher Ohl, Wake Forest Baptist Health Center Infectious Diseases Specialist - Because in shallow warm water, infectious agents proliferate easily, especially because most children may want to bathe in their diapers.

Children's pools are the most dangerous

Parents just want to take care that their children do not swallow water during bathing. Children who are infected with the digestive system, on the other hand, are better off avoiding the pools altogether to avoid infecting others. On the beaches and in other swimming pools, even dangerous pools like the E. coli, or the cryptosporidium and a giardia parasite. The latter occur especially if the pool does not have sufficient chlorine or the water pH is too low. These are the moles hasmenйst, stomach cramps, nausea, nausea It is also worth noting that chlorinated odor water does not always mean that the pool is clean and free of bacteria. "There are many who believe that high-clink pools are always clean," he said. Mary Ostrowski, American Chemical Council Fellow - This characteristic odor, however, is usually not a result of chlorine, but a mixture of chlorine water, bacteria, and urine and sweat. Really clear chlorine water does not smell. "" Of course, in waters, leptospirosis nevы bacterium also derived from mammalian urine - said Ohl - Infection with leptospirosis in general fever, headache and muscle pain It comes in the form of a picture, but it is luckily handled. " Naegleria Also known as crazy amho can also be a major hazard. This agent settles in the shallow warm water. In order to avoid infections, you should jump to the water at least as early as possible in dry weather, as this will allow water to flow into your nostrils from where you can easily navigate your way into the brain.They may also be interested in:
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