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Do you need more color for your baby?

Do you need more color for your baby?

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Come on over to the post office! A diet that is too low in carbohydrates may increase your risk of developing certain serious abnormalities, according to a new study.

According to the authors of Birth Defects Research magazine, pregnant women and those who are just getting pregnant, low-carbohydrate diets were not recommended. Not only does carbohydrate provide energy for fetal development, but a diet that limits the consumption of carbohydrates can increase the risk of developing some serious malformations by up to 30 percent.Should You Eat More Carbs While Pregnant? "We already knew how much the mother's diet affects the development of the fetus in early pregnancy," said Tania Desrosier, a lead author of the study at the University of North Carolina. "But now we have also found out that low carbohydrate intake can increase the risk of so-called neural tube defects by up to 30 percent. This is of particular concern because low-carbohydrate diets were very popular in the past year. " йs ъgy talбltбk that low szйnhidrбtszint, specifically the megnцveli szьletйsi rendellenessйgek kockбzatбt.A terhessйgre kйszьlхknek 400 mcg of this great tight цsszefьggх folsavhiбny mйrtйkben, 600-800 mcg of folic acid mнg the vбrandуsoknak recommended, because the entire йs kiхrlйsы gabonafйlйkben, tйsztбkban, breads йs in some vegetables you may find a significant amount of folic acid, and if you give up these foods you risk folic acid deficiency. It is worthwhile not only to follow a balanced diet but also to supplement your diet . (Via)Also worth reading:
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