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Get the kid to be more mediocre

Get the kid to be more mediocre

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Go to sleep, get in the car, get dressed up - we know how difficult it is to get a kid to do it all in one day. However, the following tips will help!

Get the kid to be more mediocreThere is a method called "contact before request", which is that before you ask anything, connect with the child for a minute and tune in. This will not only tighten the gap between you, but it will also help make your child's life smoother and more cozy.
And then, let's see some concrete examples of how to put this into practice:

1. Stop and watch your child in silence

Before you say "fuck me, get in the car", pause for a moment and see what you are so busy with. Are you frying or pushing your small car? Find out how deeply in what you do. This awareness helps to get closer to these little worlds.

2. Ask what you are doing or check it out for yourself

Speak out loud what your kid is doing. "Oh, I see you are drawing to Grandma" or "I see you put the rail on the train". But you might ask, "Tell me what you're doing now"?

3. Ask if you can join it

You'll be more than happy to go to brush your teeth if you sit down to play with it for two minutes. If you are very busy, just ask "Can I join me?" And follow his instructions (let him decide what you play). Play jigsaw puzzles for five minutes (or as long as you can) or play with them - take a part in what you are doing. You may not want to talk, just be present and watch.

4. Let them decide

Kids like to feel that control is in their hands. If you give it a chance to feel, not suffer, you will be much more crafty.
Exhibit example:
- Where do you want to leave (until morning or until we come back, etc.)? If you are playing a bit before bedtime or before you go somewhere, ask where you will leave the game where you will be waiting.
- Are we doing the next thing in 5 minutes? Let him decide what he will do, for example. first wash your teeth or put on your pajamas. You can also make a stopwatch for your gamers.
- How do we get there? Will I take you there on my back or do we run together (like bathing in the bathroom)?
- Can you stop now? Think about how you would feel if you had just 97 pieces in a 100 piece puzzle puzzle. You don't want to quit right now, do you?
"Will you be in charge of X? Will you be in charge of tonight's tale and will you choose what to tell?" or will you be in charge of the table today and help me remove the table after dinner? If you delegate some responsibility to it, you can reduce the resistance and make it more enthusiastic.Related articles in parenting:Come on!Bring it or bear it?Top 5 blocking things in parenting