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Segнtsйg! No breastfeeding!

Segнtsйg! No breastfeeding!

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Go, go, but not real! What is it that can make breastfeeding more pleasant, frustrating for women? Check out some of our tips to help you find success!

The benefits of breastfeeding are clear. But not only because of this, it is worthwhile to breastfeed further, but also because failure is very uncertain;

Yeah, well, hungry baby

Babies born with relatively high weights are incredibly hungry and may be anxious for the first few days. The solution in this case is not to routinely and a little hasty, but to try to be with the little one and as soon as possible after birth start, and then continue breastfeeding as often as you like. The more you digest your breasts from the start, you may want to breastfeed more and more quickly.

Breastfeeding will help with little help

Come on out!

- Don't buy the list, breastfeed early in the night when your baby is turning his head, nursing, sucking his breast. Don't look at the urb, put it on your chest when you apply. Make a hungry baby one time with all of your breasts! excess diet megszorнtбsokat! Get more raw fruits and greens than one, and have rich, nutritious foods instead of snacks. There are no foods to breastfeed during breastfeeding!


If you are breastfeeding for the first time in your life and therefore your nipple has never been exposed to this amount of exercise, it is perfectly normal to Transient Sensitivity. By following these tips you can avoid the pain.- Sit comfortably, support your arms, back! - Bring the baby to the center, not to say cling to yourself. Newborn underneath is good for a stacked blanket.- Support the head, not the head, so that the head may fall slightly backward. You can open your mouth the biggest you can, even when your chest is pointing above it, you can't make it big.- Only allow your nipple to snap if you he opened his mouth. Bring it to yourself quickly as you move your breast up with a quick motion.

Come on out!

- Get back and breastfeed! - This is how to summarize the best beginner's guide. Lie down in a supine position and lay on your belly with your baby. In this case, х controls the cap on the breast.- Ignore the pacifier if possible, as this can lead to poor breastfeeding: the baby will only call the nipple end like a baby's nipple.

Baby doll with tongue

Sometimes the little one can't stretch his tongue out over the bottom and touch his lips. This is slightly more common in boys and can be family-threatening. In this case, the baby cannot properly hold the nipple in his or her mouth, but he or she can squeeze his or her nipples, which can cause serious nipples in the first few days, also the tongue is loosened so that it does not cause problems, for example, in speech development, but you can help yourself with much frustration, pain, and unnecessary anxiety if after a few days your doctor or your baby to tear the tongue. You can breast-feed afterwards and you will feel the difference by March!


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