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The child of Esther Valkу was born

The child of Esther Valkу was born

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The little son of Esther Valkу was born. The baby's flask program was conceived with help.

She was the son of Eszter Valkу and her son, Péter Radуcz. She conceived a flask program to become a little boy and got the name Simon, according to Story magazine 24. The baby boy came to life with cesarean section, at 57 inches and 3730 grams. The family lives in the Netherlands, but Esther Valkу would have wanted to be born at home.The child of Eszter Valkу was born (fotу: "Were we excited for the moment to see our baby boy for the last time?" The father, who was there during the birth, told Story magazine. "When our baby came to light, I saw the first thing. Immediately my eyes became light. It was very touching to see our little boy, because we fought a lot for him. Well, we both cried like kids! "


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