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Granny, grandfather and others

Granny, grandfather and others

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The baby was born, the grandmother, the grandfather and the relatives, the friends are there at the start line, they really want to help. But helping is not always easy…

Granny, grandpa and the rest

Ideally, your parents weren't very born into your life, and they were just as present as you were comfortable. They only gave me advice when they asked, didn't worry, and didn't try to bring any of them back to my parents' house either with a sweetheart or a six-course lunch (see, my son, the real mom's cook). Well, if that is the case, things can change now.
Many grandparents find it difficult to understand that delicate baby is in the right place in the hands of their inexperienced baby, son, son-in-law. That the last few years have seen a lot of change in thinking about baby care, breastfeeding or family life. That you are and not their "improved version". This may cause more problems for the new family than the grandparents can provide. Talk to the two of you, tell me honestly how you feel about yourself, and develop some strategy.
At first, your couple may be in control of things at first, since you have babies almost all day. If you feel your grandmother's help in the kitchen, or perhaps your ironing board, is good, please tell me, but also if your grandparents are helping out with a little umbrella. If maternal, paternal, good advice are coming, accept them; if not, consistently tell them that you need something else. It's important to understand that it is not malice that drives grandparents, but genuine concern. The change they have made in recent decades, and the sudden loss of their children to a mother or father, is a huge change for them.

And the others

In the first few weeks, you may also find that friends and acquaintances are curious about you. Everyone depends on how they enjoy and how much they wear this bustle. This is certainly easier to handle than grandparents' inquiries, as a good friend will understand what you need, who is not, not worth wasting. If you are really important to each other and your life will be in sync again, you will find each other again.
This can be a big difference between the two parents. In the first few months, it is almost certain that mum will live longer, as she is at home (shop, playground, baby club) with the baby, while dad stays in the middle of work, work, sports and friends. This can bear both of you, as your life, your interest, shifts a little, however much you choose a father from your mother's father. This is something that you have to work with consciously. No matter how easy it would be for you to be a mom, she would just be a cheater and a driver, look for each other, find time for yourself.