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A wonderful lesson in forgiving a 3 year old baby

A wonderful lesson in forgiving a 3 year old baby

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Mary Katherine Backstrom, a blogger mom with two kids, has never received the kind of forgiveness she had given her 3 years ago.

A wonderful lesson in forgiving a 3 year old babyMother Mary Katherine Backstrom of Florida often shares the important moments of her life on Facebook. One of her last posts was shared with nearly a hundred thousand, in which her baby Holland gave a lesson in forgiveness. When an owl struggled to put the baby to rest, he said a little impudently, "I love you, but not a word today!" As the mother went out of the room angrily, her baby girl gave birth: Mom, there is one thing I will tell you. The mother backed away and asked the 3-year-old baby if she knew what forgiveness meant. Dutch said: It means you were bad, but I don't want to be angry because I'm going to sleep and so my heart won't have a stomach. man's heart will have really stomach. Upwotrhy has picked up the story and in his articles, he says that the baby girl was right in the scientific sense, but the researchers Regardless of whether the individual or group deserves forgiveness - see page 24. According to experts, forgiveness does not require one to grieve over one's grief, or to embellish the seriousness of one's forgiveness. At the time of forgiveness, we recognize that we have suffered pain, but we do not accept that it is this pain that determines us. So we give ourselves a chance to move on and heal.
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