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Marci struggled with life for so many monthsAlso, it's about losing

Marci struggled with life for so many monthsAlso, it's about losing

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Marci, the little son of Ancsa, was born to everyone with an extremely serious developmental disorder. It could have been all so long.

Like all expectant mothers, I went to the examinations regularly while I was living a happy, meaningful life. Ready for the big day. On February 2, 2010, at 6 o'clock in the morning my baby boy was born with a cesarean section at SOTE II. These are Clinics. I was overwhelmed with the hospital, the nurses, the nurses, everybody. However, after the post-natal examination, Marci was immediately placed on the PIC (Infant Intensive Care Unit). Thanks to the old man and my cousin, I went to a hospital with an intensive center and didn't have to spend a minute outside.

According to the neonatologist, Apgar's 9/10 deficiency hypotension (muscle weakness) has occurred in Marcin. In addition, more minor changes are being made in the child, and therefore the investigation has begun. As soon as I could, I brought it to myself. She was jerking around in her incubator, bound for an infusion. In retrospect, I have to say, it wasn't that awful. As the days went by, I knew more about Marci's status. It turned out that he also had difficulties in breastfeeding and swallowing, so he had to feed through the nasal passages, he could not breastfeed, and he would probably not, because his palate was unsuitable. As my milk started to flow, I was churning. Whenever possible, I visited my little chemist, and in the evening, dad could come in for an umbrella.
After two weeks I was able to get it in my hand first, but beware of the fact that her breathing was often messy, so she needed oxygenation - there was always a small tube in front of her nose that gave her oxygen. So, after a week, we were transferred to the Neurological Department of the Tыzoltу Street Clinic with suspected myopathy (a name used to refer to a severe muscle developmental disorder).
This is where I started to meet him. It could still be fed through a probe, but bathed, moved, cleansed, done everything to keep it in a family environment. In the first month, neither grandparents nor relatives could see it, now everyone was able to meet him, but he could only continue to be raised carefully because of the oxygen.
After two and a half weeks, Marci's breath stopped once during an examination. Immediately the doctors were called from the Intensity, and the respiratory system was restarted (thank goodness, his heart did not stop, so he didn't have to be reactivated). On the basis of a joint decision, she was monitored in the intensive care unit, where she was found to have severe pneumonia. He was on a rehabilitation, soured, and then the examinations continued. This was the most difficult time in life. One week without a week, then again. Intensive class visitation ban, only our parents could visit her, but thanks to the spirit, I could be with her daily. We couldn't tell what was causing all these problems, it was getting worse ... I'd have to report about the events of the next few months to see what we were saving through, as Marcik's life was struggling. Unfortunately, on the 100th day of his life (14th May 2010), he left us with more viral infections. By this time he was already very tired. It's hard to say, but we know it's better for him. Everyone who was important to her was there with her: father, mother, our favorite neighbors, and the doctor lady who treated her.
Everywhere I could only read about happy mothers, the importance of breastfeeding. From sick babies to arrows about how their parents wore, lived the hardest days anywhere. Every day was filled with blood. It will uplift everything, everyone. The whole family. When Marci left, I could only think (and still think) of the pancake in his head, whether I had eaten everything.
The second month, I was so upset that I started to blog about a lot of thoughts and storms.
Since then, I have been working. I was alone for a year, and the priest finally decided to go outside. Marci's illness hasn't brightened since then, so I still don't know if I can have a baby. I discovered a support group for Magdi Singer, where the loss of a child was an overwhelming pain that helped me to process the loss. I can say for a while that I will be able to live almost a full life again, though I will never be able to fight Marcus.


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