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Nowadays, it seems strange when it turns out from our twenty-year-old friends, our old classmate, that she's about to become a mom. We might be a little scared of what's going on with friendship. Is this relationship loosening or is there something new happening?

Sensitive skin care requires a clear understanding of its needs and its response to various environmental influences. We know that baby skin is exposed to countless new things that you have never had the opportunity to make friends with.
Find out more about our body's largest sensory system for proper skin care!
It is not the importance of the skin to cover the body. It is an important sensory organ that responds sensitively to heat, cold, pain, and caress. However, there is another important task: protection. In order to perform all of these tasks well, we need to care for and protect the skin properly. Cool skin care is especially important for newborns and small children.
Let's look from top to toe what a delicate baby skin might need!
Baby Chamomile Baby Shampoo: Chamomile and Vitamin B3 cleanse the baby's delicate hair and sensitive scalp with special weakness. Soap-free formula that is as weak on baby's eyes as pure water!
Baby oil baths: Valuable wheatgrass oil ensures that the baby's skin is protected from dryness for a long time. By using it, the unpleasant itching of the red and irritated skin can be eliminated.
Soft & Care Tools: the problem and reddened baby skin require extra care when cleaning. NIVEA Baby Soft & Care is wiped with a cream containing natural mocha extract to relieve unpleasant complaints in no time at all while thoroughly cleansing the baby's skin.
Finally, some good advice for bathing!Babies are extremely sensitive to the cold, so the bathroom should always be 22-24 degrees and the bath water should be around 37 degrees. The more water you touch the skin, the more fat and moisture you lose, so your baby should not spend more than 5-7 minutes in the water.NIVEA Baby Brand New!
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