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Prevent premature birth!

Prevent premature birth!

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Even today, we do not know exactly all the causes leading to premature birth, but it is a fact that in recent years there has been a great deal of knowledge about this issue. Therefore, it has also become clearer what we need to do to avoid it.

Half of premature babies could be prevented

More about the process

In Hungary in recent years the prevalence rate is around 8-10 percent, which means that nearly eight thousand babies are born unborn between 24 and 37 weeks of pregnancy. It is true that short-term transitions in smallness have improved significantly since the mid-1990s, but long-term data are less favorable. Especially when we are not counting the mere survival, but counting the wholesome, the former, the older ones. beavatkozбson be бt йs vizsgбlaton, йs kцzben mйg йdesanyjukat йs unfortunately very often the mother's milk nйlkьlцzniьk kell.A problйma mбsik side to all this rendkнvьl get egйszsйgьgy szбmбra kцltsйges a koraszьlцtt baby megmentйse, gyуgyнtбsa, mйhen kнvьli nцvesztйse, бllapotбnak sъlyossбgбtуl the fertхzйsektхl And, depending on other events, it may be several million forints. The rate of early birth gradually decreased to 7.4 percent by 1995. In 1990 it was 8.9 percent, but since 1995 it has been gradually increasing. But we can say that we know more about the process leading to premature birth today. Even thirty years ago, first and foremost, many abortions, poverty, lack of hygiene, and the role of smoking were mentioned first, and now we know that the predominance of prematurity is caused by maternal stress.This expression, however, expresses not only the ordinary meaning of our subject, but also the processes and bodily events that increase the level of stress hormones in the maternal body. These include, in particular, infections that make the body defensive. This can be the case, for example, with purulent tooth decay, neglected tooth disease, and chronic renal pelvic inflammation. We should not forget about the mental stress as well. Although pregnant women may be substantially balanced by the calming effect of the progesterone pregnancy hormone, if you get too excited, scary, sad or annoyed, stress hormone it starts to grow and, as a result, we get a lot more frequent dyspnea. Of course, the condition of the mother also affects the fetus.For baby whose blood levels are higher at 20 weeks, in the early stages of pregnancy, women are more likely to be pregnant than they are during pregnancy.

What does pregnancy care offer?

Baby tests are performed every third to detect certain types of infections. Such a vizeletvizsgбlat, which can help you (hopefully in time) determine if your mother is suffering from an infestation. Every three months a vaginal bacteriological examinationwhich can be used to determine if the baby is a bacterial vaginal infection. If the number of offenders is outside the established limits, immediate treatment is needed.Also recently, the importance of conscientiousness has been revealed. dental checkup. It is not just about inserting a tooth, but also removing a tooth, as bacteria that can play a role in premature birth can colonize.

What are you paying attention to?

  • Get pregnant examinations, go to a doctor or nurse once a month.

  • Go to the dentist twice during your baby's surgery.

  • Avoid situations that can cause infections, such as having a sexual partner while pregnant, in a pool with long term strangers.

  • If you have a bacterial infection, do not take iron or vitamin supplements.

  • Avoid stressful situations! If you are tired, if you feel so overwhelmed by the tasks, it is very important that you take a break and do not continue doing things until you are calm.

  • Do not undergo vaginal discharge as this will interfere with normal bacterial fluoride, but care should be taken for daily cleansing.
  • Seek medical attention if ...

  • the vaginal flow is said to be abundant, with a bad odor;
  • your genital itch, hips, bunnies;
  • blemishes are common and uncomfortable;
  • if vaginal bleeding occurs;
  • if you are previously unfamiliar, you feel a recent pain;
  • if you have a drip, a burning sensation, or need to pee more frequently than usual.
  • What can a doctor do?

    During regular examinations, changes in the mean and odor of the vagina call the attention of the physician. bacteriological examination szьksйgessйgйre. If necessary, the results are used to treat the infection. The average little baby probably doesn't need it anymore. However, it is also important to know that infections that are dangerous to the fetus do not always cause any apparent symptoms, which is why it is so difficult to prevent problems that are fall into the risk group for premature birth (for example, due to previous premature or serial miscarriages). For the purpose of predicting premature birth, ultrasound measurement of the length of the cervix but it has not yet spread (the cervix begins to shorten with the parent). A simple and cheap solution would be to Measurement of the change in vaginal discharge with simple indicator paper. The chemistry changes from acid to alkaline in bacterial vaginal infections. It is not easy to do because it is almost impossible to get an indicator paper.If a baby has regular moles, medication can help stop the process, but the causes that lead to premature birth are more accurate. He counted on him every day what he could spend inside.Szaktanбcsadуnk:
    Dr. Michael Tцrцk university professor, chief physician, National Medical Center, has been dealing with the request for early birth prevention for decades. Specialists have developed CTGs for soft tissue and fetal tone that allow the mother to obtain data at home, on a regular basis, over a longer period of time, and on the Internet. .The procedure is harmless, cost-effective (you do not need to go to the hospital often and wait for the examination), cheap and cost-cutting at the same time, but has not yet been used extensively. In spite of her patients, despite the fact that many mothers who are considered to be high risk (for example, twins born or suffering from a chronic disease), the average rate of early pregnancy is lower than the Hungarian average. In his estimation, it is based on the current state of medicine half of early births could be prevented with appropriate care for pregnant women.