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Funny documented his first year as a little boy

Funny documented his first year as a little boy

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Nowadays, everyone makes photographic documentation for babies, so it's really difficult to come up with really special and witty ideas. Dani Leigh did well. And there was a pizza for that.

It's time for pizzaTaking pictures from baby to month is very popular, which is worthwhile, as it may never change as much as a baby in her first year of life. She wanted to make photos of her little boy Lorenzor that were a little more personal than the usual pictures. And what was the solution? Of course, a pizza. "My mom said I needed to do something Italian, something that would fit my baby's name," Dani tells Instagram. "What could be a better tool for this than pizza?" The concept of the pictures is that one of the open pizza boxes has the baby on one side and the other side of the box has just as many slices of pizza as the baby is. (via
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