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Video - Looks like a cupping if your baby is lying flat

Video - Looks like a cupping if your baby is lying flat

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A stunning video was posted on Instagram. At last, everyone can see how baby puppies come to life around the world. The close-up shot is simply stunning.

If your baby is cool, you may need a cesarean section

If you are pregnant, you have probably realized within yourself that Parenting doesn't always look like it does in the movies, where the most painful, yet beautiful, natural births are presented. However, many women in the life have some difficulty complicating the birth of a baby with a cesarean section. pull it out of the mother's womb. First we see the baby's backside, then the other parts of the body appear continuously, the last time the head is lifted by the doctor from the mother's belly. Birthing can be wonderful not only in a natural way. Check out the magic as well!Related Articles:
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