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Why aren't you playing games? Developer games

Why aren't you playing games? Developer games

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Have you ever seen a sneaker in your shoes and a crack in your neck? The little ones love to mimic their parents, it's more exciting than any other game.

Why don't you play your games?

This szerepjбtйkok early. This requires not only games but also replicable patterns. Let yourself be close to you while you are doing, exercising, or reading your homework. Provide the kellйkeket also: lightweight cloths, shoes, pouls, kisseprы blades are a great starting point! Even the most fashionable children's room is boring, if it feels like a child, life is happening anywhere. Get out you too play games - sometimes it's better than getting ready!
  • During dinner, tune in to a rhythm instrument: throw a handful of rice or peanuts into the fresh water bottle.
  • Cut out the fruit box from your fruit ship or truck, and a half dyed or orange shank can serve the raisin bean.

What can we do? It moves the child's imagination, and a small box of different sizes catches your eye for a long time. For in games, they always turn out to be exactly what their imagination powers them to be.
Collect blank boxes, flasks, cardboard rolls, patterned letter boxes, half a pair of gloves to look for the baby. They will have a paper roll in their hands, maybe a trumpet or a tunnel, if you roll a small car. Of course, you also need to admire and sometimes get involved in fantasy worlds.
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