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What should your newborn room look like?

What should your newborn room look like?

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It may be worthwhile to have an extra room for the baby, even if in the newborn age, we recommend that the baby sleep in the mother's room during the first few months.

Bright, at least half rooms large a local court needs to be established. The bed and the diaper should be kept light and in the evening light. However, it is not appropriate to place the bed next to the window as it can easily freeze in the fresh air when opened. In the room a on the crib and on the litter let's have one comfortable armchair or an armchair for breastfeeding, and an appropriate luggage compartment for storing the necessary equipment.There is no need for pharmacy cleanliness in the baby room, but the basic hygiene rules are worth following. Before infant arrival, disinfectant water (neomagnol) should be rinsed and repeated every week during the first few months. It is best to have parquet flooring with carpet, but in case of carpeting it is advisable to do the cleaning before arrival. First of all, it is worth cleaning because of the removal of dust mites. After dusting, wipe the unit with a damp cloth. Here too, it is worthwhile to use disinfectant. In the first instance, domestic animals should be banned from the neonatal environment. Getting home is great fun, but it is not advisable to have a whole family visit and kill the newcomer in the first few weeks. We need to understand with you: it is the baby's interest to start learning a little bit faster. It is not a good idea for a sick, relative, friend to be respectful in the New Home. This also applies to children and grandparents. Breastfeeding is not a public holiday either. My mom at that time for peace and quiet there is a need. This is the most intimate relationship between mom and baby that shouldn't be disturbed by other intruders. Then, when you are well on your way to feeding and raising your baby, you can show how well you eat, but certainly not in the first few weeks. Before the diapering, you should prepare yourself for washing, tцrlхkendхket, that New diapers And also popcorn. In the first few weeks, this also includes 70% alcohol, sterile cotton wool, steam and hexachlorophen powder for cleaning the baby. The diaper should be safe and easy to clean. (Mostly babies fall here first. The newborn is still unable to rotate, but it can be very mobile, so never leave it alone on the litter!) Lightening the diaper is important during the day and at night. THE illuminated light be strong enough, but do not overheat. Colorful lanterns should be avoided because natural skin colors are changed, and no litter is needed for children. . Generally 21-22 degrees Celsius is appropriate. It may be a little hotter for bathing, but after that it is worth aiming again at 20 degrees. Even at night or sleep, you should not create an extremely warm room, and even in our opinion, 18 to 19 degrees Celsius is adequate for sleeping. pбratartalom very important. Mostly, it should be monitored for humidity at the start of the heating season. Approximately 70% values ​​should be approximated. The neonatal mucous membrane dries out very easily when the room air is dry. It also loses a lot of fluids when it is on the go, so it is worth losing it with tea.

Take great care of the proper furnishing of the children's room and the climate

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