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Can you check your date of birth with a blood test?

Can you check your date of birth with a blood test?

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Is it possible that you won't have to keep a calendar in your future when to expect a baby? According to a new method, the date of birth can be predicted by a blood test up to 80 percent accuracy.

US researchers have found that the maternal bloodstream contains biomarkers that are selected by the fetus and the fetus. These "indirect" molecules carry different genetic messages in our bodies. "Because these so-called cell-free RNA molecules are actually floating freely in maternal blood, follow up on what is happening during pregnancy"he explained Michael Elovitz professor of births and females, a researcher at the University of Pennsylvania.A new examination can more accurately determine the expected date of birth According to professionals Biomarker Testing to Predict Birth Predictions, the method is cheaper than ultrasound examination and much more accurate than the traditional "calendar method", that is, to calculate the last date of menstruation.More important blood tests can more effectively screen out pregnant women at risk of premature birth. This can be of enormous help to parents, doctors, and nurses, as they are better prepared for possible premature birth, so that both mother and baby can be more secure.Also worth reading:
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